Why Artists Don’t Like Finger Tattoos?(Facts)

Tattoo Artists Do Finger Tattoos

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Why Artists Don’t Like Finger Tattoos?

Finger tattoos are becoming increasingly popular among people of all ages, but what exactly are they? Finger tattoos are tiny little designs that one can do with a needle and some ink.

They’re usually small enough to fit on the tip of your finger or just below it. Many celebrities have been sporting these types of tattoos recently, including Rihanna and Justin Bieber.

Finger tattoos are difficult to do because of skin thinness and sensitivity. So, tattoo artists find it tough to do them, and only a few artists have the skills enough to perform finger tattooing.

There is a wrong notion that one can do finger tattoos with ease. Tattoo artists need to cut off the extra skin, add ink, and cover it for complete results.

Which Finger Is Best For A Tattoo?

Any finger is best for a tattoo, provided the tattoo is at the finger tops between the knuckles and the first joints.

Different fingers have different degrees of flexibility and different temperaments. One must judge each one separately.

The index and middle fingers possess the greatest muscular tension. This makes them even more suitable for sport-related symbols like an arrow or a golf club.

The pinky finger lacks substance. This is because it’s usually the smallest in circumference among all five digits.

Because it isn’t as strong as other fingers, one can also use it for minimalist designs such as small musical notes (or “Smurfs”) and dainty stars.

The ring finger works well for thicker line work–especially if you want to place a skull tattoo at its base.

It’s also ideal for larger pieces because this digit is wider and has a rounder surface than the others. The thumb is best known for traditional designs such as roses and crucifixes.

It’s also suitable for lettering, but its plump nature can limit its ability to hold fine lines.

Can One Wash Their Hands After A Finger Tattoo?

When you get a finger tattoo, they need to take special care of the area during cleaning and dressing changing procedures for 1-2 weeks.

However, after that period has passed, you will only need to wash the area with warm water and mild soap.

You don’t want to apply boiling hot water to this area, nor should you submerge it in water.

During the first two weeks, whenever you change the dressing on your finger tattoo, place a fresh, clean bandage over it and then wrap it with medical gauze.

Remember to keep the area moisturized to help avoid scarring. CLICK HERE to check current prices for moisturizers on Amazon Prime.

What Does A Three Dots Tattoo Mean?

The three dots tattoos can mean different things depending on your cultural background.

The simplest way to describe what three dots tattoos mean is common in contact sports such as football, rugby, and soccer.

They are for players who get injured in a contact sport with the number of dots corresponding to how many times they have had an injury in that area.

The three dots tattoo has profound roots in European tribal tattoos.

It’s commonly associated with Polynesian cultures because both groups used three dots tattoos until modern times.

Do Finger Tattoos Heal Fast?

Yes. Your finger comprises muscle, skin, and bone. It will take between sixty to ninety days for the skin to heal completely.

It usually takes less than two months for the skin on your fingers to recover fully with minimal scarring.

Why Artists Don't Like Finger Tattoos?

After you get a finger tattoo, it’s essential that you keep the area clean and protected from infection by washing it every day.

You may even want to consider using an antibiotic ointment or Vaseline to help protect any cuts or abrasions.

What Tattoos Are Considered Offensive?

There are some tattoos that others may consider offensive or even illegal in certain places.

For example, if you have tattoos of drugs, this could promote drug use, leading to trouble with the law.

This would also include gang-related symbols because many people associate them with gangs and violence, which aren’t allowed at most jobs.

Preventing someone from gaining employment.

Writing on your body is another form of expression. Still, it’s deemed as “illegal” by some establishments, including prisons and mental institutions.

Where inmates cannot have any writing on their bodies except for medical or religious reasons.

One of the most famous “offensive” tattoos is the Swastika Nazi Germany used in WW-II for anti-Semitism.

This tattoo can be offensive to Jewish people, German citizens, and even Nazi supporters who view it as a symbol of hatred.

Another controversial symbol is the Confederate flag in the USA because some believe it represents slavery, which oppressed African Americans;

However, others may say it represents individualism and freedom with no ties to racism.

What Does A Teardrop By The Mouth Mean?

A tattoo teardrop by the mouth can have different meanings. One meaning is representing a loss of a loved one, either through death or separation.

It has many other meanings as well, depending on culture, location, and more. The following are several examples of tattoos representing a loss of a loved one.

Sometimes one can use the tattoo tear to symbolize other things, including bad luck, grief, self-inflicted pain, and sorrow for decisions made in your life.

One should never take their first tattoo lightly or without knowing what it means to them personally.

People who undertake the responsibility of getting a tattoo do so because they want to keep that image with them forever.

Some people will tell you that if you get something done as a teenager, you’ll be alright as long as it’s not offensive.

Here, the image of a tear on their face is something they will have to live with for decades or even longer.

Some people will tell you that tattoos hurt, but getting the tattoo itself isn’t painful at all.

What Does An Upside-Down Umbrella Mean?

An upside-down umbrella tattoo boasts a symbol of personal protection, adversity, protection from diseases, and warding off evil.

The person who led a rough life, facing abandonment by everyone else and left alone in the world, may take an umbrella as his only friend and source of protection from raindrops.

During cold days, when other people can warm themselves under sunshine, he will keep himself warm, knowing that the umbrella is always there for him.

In this way, it serves as a reminder to never give up on life, even though things turn out differently than your expectations.

It can also mean that life gives you storms rather than sweet summer showers, but one should strive forward until all clouds disappear and the bright, beautiful sun shines upon you again.

When someone has lost hope in family or friends, this tattoo symbolizes protection and support can remind those around him that friends and family exist for those who need them.

But the person with such a tattoo may also suffer from depression, as he feels like no one cares about him.

The upside-down umbrella speaks of how difficult his life is but also suggests hope.

It’s usually worn on an upper arm or leg, not too close to other tattoos or body parts;

Giving the wearer breathing space and something to look forward to besides work and other commitments.

It may suggest that there are things in life other than work and other daily activities and responsibilities you must live up to (even though you don’t want to).

It means that if you’re relying on others to help you, then your life will always be upside down. Most times, the only person who can pull you through it yourself.

And it can also symbolize that your umbrella, which provides you with shade from the sun during the day, may be die of thirst at night if you don’t take care of it.

While on the one hand, taking an umbrella as a friend means being lonely and having no friends to share your secrets with;

However, it means being independent and capable of handling all issues by oneself without relying on others too much.

The key is finding a middle ground to not feel isolated or dependent on anyone else.

Someone who wears two faces in public but is entirely different at home might choose this tattoo.

Only those who have lived through such a life understand the message behind this tattoo.

What Do Tattoos On The Face Mean?

Tattoos on the face mean many things, and the meanings of these tattoos depend on the different symbols used and the colors used.

Face tattoos can be possibly made using three different techniques.

The first is to ink your face with a needle, this takes several hours and weeks to heal.

So it’s only recommended for people who live alone or those who will not have to go out in public for some time.

These tattoos will scare toddlers, especially when combined with other body art.

Some people use razors to tattoo their faces. Still, this method is not recommended because it requires no experience.

So you might accidentally slit your throat while shaving your face for a tattoo. One must have a steady hand, and this method is also excruciating.

This last method is the best one, but it’s still a bad idea for most people because it requires that your face be completely free of hair or stubble.

So you will have to shave your face almost daily before getting any tattoos done on your face.

Can You Tattoo Eyeballs?

No.Never do it. You have other options if you want a permanently colored iris, but tattooing the sclera is a bad idea for several reasons:

1) If you don’t know your blood type – which is something 99% of people should know before getting any procedure;

You can have an embolism from tattoo needles releasing micro-bubbles into your bloodstream near arteries and veins throughout your body.

This can be fatal even with proper testing because tattoos aren’t as regulated as medical procedures.

There’s no way to test it properly without killing someone (which doesn’t make for good advertising)

So most “eye tattoos” are well done with a permanent marker in a single, quick session.

2) The ink will work its way into your bloodstream when you have an infection or when you go back to UV light exposure after the procedure.

It won’t toxify your system – there is almost no ink left in your skin cells when they slough off – but it can end up in places where it’s harmful.

If you’re about to do something like this, find a fancy clinic that uses intravenous micro-needling and sterile tattoo needles.

You want a specially designed implant that goes into a vein near the eye and delivers tiny amounts of color per day;

Over several weeks with IV drugs providing immunosuppressive treatment while it makes sure there are no negative interactions with your immune system.

If you want a colored iris for cosmetic reasons and it’s not the only way to solve your problem, please consider something else.

Tattooing around your eye will stain your sclera and discolor it over time unless you keep up with costly treatments that require periodic injections into the affected area.

You can do away with eyeglasses or contacts by having prescriptions made in laser-set glass frames –

These are just as effective as regular prescriptions, and they don’t grow cloudy when exposed to moisture, UV light, or other kinds of stress.


Finger tattoos are a new trend, but not all tattoo artists do them.

That’s because they can be hard to work with and take too long for many people who want something small on their fingers.

If you still really want one of your own, make sure the artist knows what it’s before getting started. So they know how much time to spend drawing or painting the design.

You should also ask if there will be any complications or risks from having a finger tattoo done as opposed to other places on your body, like your back.

This includes things like washing your hands after doing anything else with those hands – even eating food.


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