Why Do Tattooed Eyebrows Turn Blue?

Why Do Tattooed Eyebrows Turn Blue?

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Why Do Tattooed Eyebrows Turn Blue?

Tattooed eyebrows have become a popular trend in recent years.

The eyebrow tattoos, pre-made designs placed on people’s brows who have no hair or wax them off, have grown in popularity thanks to social media influencers.

However, there are concerns about how safe tattoos are for hygiene and skin health. Here’s what you should know about these eyebrows inking.

Tattooed eyebrows turn blue because the ink pigment used boasts coldness or cold skin tone. The eyebrow ink pigment will mix, producing blue, purple, or green hues. Sunlight and UV rays can affect the pigmentation of all colors, which account for the blue tint.

Tattooing comprises light-sensitive pigment that pigments an area of skin as it’s exposed to light while adhering to the top layer of skin.

The cold color reflects the exposed area and turns a blue hue into the eyebrow.

Those who use permanent makeup formulations create a variety and tattoo eyebrow hair.

This may require more time and effort than other temporary tattoos that only need to make an impression on the brows.

Permanent makeup eyebrow tattoos are more complex and involve using a stencil, a blueprint that tattoo artists use to ensure they do not miss any intricate parts of the brows.

Depending on their skill level, tattooists get paid according to the number of colors they add per session.

The initial color is first placed, then the nevus surface color, followed by additional colors until they cover each eyebrow. They add other colors for depth and darkening the original.

Thus, the eyebrow ink pigment will mix, producing blue, purple, or green hues. Sunlight and UV rays can affect the pigmentation of all colors, which account for the blue tint.

A tattoo stencil also affects the color because it follows every line on the brow, making it thicker overall than using an alternative eyebrow stencil that is thinner and creates less space between each line.

Why Do Tattooed Eyebrows Turn Purple?

Tattooed eyebrows turn purple because they boast many red bases in a blue-brown pigment. The eyebrow will take on that color if the pigment is strong enough.

The color purple has a bluish hue, so it doesn’t look washed out like the person wears too much blue eye shadow.

However, purple eyebrows are achievable if you have a strong enough tattoo artist. Many consider purple eyebrows a desirable trait because it’s such a bold color.

Purple eyebrow tattoos are not very common, so they usually bring attention to whoever is wearing them.

Men or women could wear purple eyebrows, and they still can look good on just about anyone.

The only downfall of purple eyebrows is that they are more challenging to maintain than regular eyebrow tattoos.

The reason is that they have more minor strokes of color, which could warp over time because they are so close to the skin.

However, many people say that purple eyebrows are good and make their eyes stand out even more than before.

There is an array of eyebrow tattoos with different colors, designs, and patterns to choose from.

So if you’re considering changing up your life a bit, then it’s possible to achieve with purple eyebrows.

Why Does My Micro-Blading Look Purple?

Your micro-blading looks purple because it boasts many red bases in a cool (blue) brown pigment. This combination of colors makes for a beautiful effect.

Blood is a lot redder and less brown, so that is why I typically see the color purple with micro-blading.

Other colors that can occur are green and black because both pigment types are dark pigments.

Micro-blading isn’t permanent, so I would expect your color to fade away within several years, depending on the quality of your care team.

I recommend a lighter shade than you would typically use for your brows for the most natural-looking results.

The color looks more realistic when you have a slightly lighter shade than usual.

Another option is to go back within three months and have your artist lighten the color a bit.

Sometimes, the pigment can become “muddy” or dirty looking after healing. This happens because some of your blood has mixed with the new pigment to create a darker hue.

It’s not bad, but it isn’t as natural-looking as when your brows are fresh out of micro-blading.

After a few months, the pigment will naturally become less red, and the color will look more like what you wanted.

This is a normal part of healing; please consult with your artist about your options if you have concerns.

Can I Correct My Tattooed Eyebrows?

Yes. You can correct tattooed eyebrows. With time and patience, the tattoo will fade enough that a technician can remove it.

The steps to remove the tattoo are:

1. Remove the excess ink to make it easy for the correction specialist to see what they’re doing.

2. Treat any skin damage because of the tattoo process with a gentle cleanser and moisturizer.

3. Sit in front of an artist and have them use a laser or other corrective tool to remove the offending party from your skin.

There are different tattoo removal types, and each has its advantages.

Chemical tattoo removal includes electrolysis and microdermabrasion.

Electrolysis is a procedure that involves applying a minimal amount of electricity to the treated skin to destroy the melanin.

An electrical current, heat, or ultrasound waves can operate the machine used to perform this procedure.

The Advantages Of Electrolysis Include:

Microdermabrasion is like chemical tattoo removal, except it uses a machine equipped with a crystal tip to remove the tattoo.

This is the most prevalent method of tattoo removal today.

The downside to microdermabrasion is that it only removes the outer layer of skin, which may take more than one session.

Chemical tattoo removal is not recommended when you have an allergic reaction to the tattoo ink.

One usually performs the removal procedure after numbing the skin, but that doesn’t eliminate the possibility of causing a new rash on your skin.

Why Does My Micro-Blading Look So Dark?

Your micro-blading looks so dark because the pigment rubbed into the tiny new hairs on your eyebrows has not fully set.

This means it’s not responsive to the applied colors as well as it could be. The color pigments will not have time to heal and set in before you see them with your own eyes.

This leads to a sketchy, inconsistent application of pigment in the eyebrows, which is why they look dark from this angle.

It’s important to know whether your micro-blading was adequately done and if you need to take further steps if you’re disappointed with the results.

Provided the pigment is in the blood vessels, and there are no bleeding or infection issues, you can expect it to heal and come alive with more color and depth within a few weeks.

The best thing is to discuss the situation with your technician to explain things clearly. This will make sure you’re happy with the results.

This process takes four to six months at least, depending on how often you see your technician and how often they examine your eyebrows.

Other techniques that use a tiny needle to inject pigment into the skin may come out lighter initially, but the pigment will eventually settle down and become invisible.

When you wait longer, your eyebrows will probably look darker before they quite start to look like your natural brows.

Why Do Eyebrows Disappear After Micro-Blading?

Eyebrows disappear after micro-blading because the procedure replaces them.

The micro-blading process involves filling in the area where the natural eyebrows are absent from machine-induced pigment.

It’s doubtful that the technician will draw your eyebrows correctly, and they will probably still be visible even after micro-blading treatments, but it will depend on their skill level.

The best way to have eyebrows disappear after micro-blading is to have them remain unsightly for a few days or even weeks, but this isn’t always an option.

Be aware that many people who take advantage of micro-blading services don’t look for the service until they’ve already had their eyebrows and eyelashes highlighted.

It’s possible to have eyebrows and eyelashes disappear after micro-blading treatments, but it’s essential to find the right person who performs the procedure.

You might still see your fresh face before they’ve even completed the procedure, regardless of how skilled your technician is.

Since micro-blading is a more time-consuming procedure, it pays to find the right one to perform the work promptly.

Most of them will keep your eyebrows at bay until they finish, and you might schedule an appointment with your technician to assess the situation before the actual micro-blading procedure.

Be sure to ask how long they take before they start working. It’s also a brilliant idea to ask what kind of aftercare is available when you go through the routine procedure.

Should I Put Ointment On My Micro-Bladed Eyebrows?

No. Well, not unless you want to face permanent damage to your newly tattooed eyebrows, that is.

According to research and experience, ointment will adversely affect the healing process of micro-blading, lead to ink spread and bacteria growth in your new tattooed brows, and can even damage your natural eyebrow hairs.

Here’s what you should do instead.

You should stop using any ointment on your micro-bladed eyebrows after a week has passed.

Continue to see your eyebrow specialist for regular touchups and maintenance, and keep the area clean with an antibacterial cleanser whenever you remember.

Wait approximately three to four weeks before you go out in public, so your new brows have time to heal completely.

Be sure never to use ointment on your artificial brows.

If you do, you’re setting yourself up for ink spread, damage to natural eyebrow hairs, and permanent (or at least semi-permanent) damage to your new micro-bladed eyebrows.

Don’t rely on ointment if you have been experiencing discomfort or crusty patches on and around your micro-bladed eyebrows.

Instead, consult your eyebrow specialist, especially if the pain has been going on for a while and doesn’t seem to get better.

How Do You Wash Your Hair After Micro-Blading Eyebrows?

Here’s what you can do:

1. Wash your hair with a mild and moisturizing shampoo.

2. Rinse the shampoo thoroughly.

3. Go over your eyebrows again with a soft, wet towel and wipe everything off that’s left behind.

4. Apply a moisturizer to keep the skin in great shape, hydrated and healthy-looking.

5. Enjoy your new eyebrows and appreciate them daily.

You must avoid rubbing your eyes. This may cause your micro-blading eyebrows to get loose and fade out more quickly.

Remember that the more you care for your new eyebrows, the longer they last for you.

Here are other things to do to take care of your micro-bladed eyebrows after getting them done:

1. Don’t scratch them too much.

2. Give your eyebrows a good day of rest. You may leave them alone for a few hours or take a day off from wearing them.

3. Don’t sleep in your micro-bladed eyebrows, even if you don’t intend to remove them right away. Wear your new eyebrows before bed and remove them the following morning.

4. Don’t wash your face too much, including under your eyes, as this may cause skin irritation and micro-blading distortion.

5. Don’t smoke or wear too much perfume, which may cause skin irritation.

6. Don’t drink or overeat spicy food, as this may cause skin irritation and micro-blading distortion.

7. Avoid doing anything that would cause your eyebrows to come into contact with water for at least a month after getting them done.

8. Don’t scrub or scratch your eyebrows too much, especially during healing.

9. Wear your micro-bladed eyebrows for about a week before going to the beach or sunbathing.

10. Don’t pluck, tweeze or trim your micro-bladed eyebrows for at least a month after getting them done.


Tattooed eyebrows are a huge trend. They’re becoming more popular every year, and there is no stopping it. This trend has been around for some time now.

Thus, there’s not much to worry about when wearing them. After all, these eyebrows will make you look great.

Micro-blading is the technique that gives you a tattooed look with no tattooing at all. It’s all about the ink, so don’t be afraid to look and check it out.

Your eyebrows will look great after a micro-blading treatment.


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