What Is The Pneumatic Tattoo Machine?(Guide)

What Is The Pneumatic Tattoo Machine?

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What Is The Pneumatic Tattoo Machine?

Have you ever wanted to get a tattoo but haven’t been sure about what style and design would look best?

If so, then there isn’t a better time than now to go ahead and do it. There are many styles of tattoos that one can find in the world today.

This makes it hard for anyone not familiar with them all to find what they want. But,What is the Pneumatic Tattoo Machine?

Pneumatic tattoo machines use compressed air to propel the ink. They are a popular choice and provide high level of customization. They contain air through small tubes that connect throughout the device.

Pneumatic tattoos take the place of traditional tattoo guns. They consisted of springs and gears.

While the noise produced by these devices was not loud enough to disturb most people;

It did add an element that some individuals found irritating or distracting when they visited a professional for body art services.

The Machines Pneumatic tattoo machines are still considered an alternative method of body art for many individuals.

It’s undoubtedly a viable option due to its high level of customization. However, these methods cannot take the place of manual machines in most cases.

They need several more steps than standard equipment to operate correctly.

The pneumatic machine contains air through small tubes that connect throughout the device.

This allows for maximum control over the device while providing stability during use. It does not move or wobble while applying ink onto the skin.

A variety of controls are usually involved with air supply and tattooing action, and one may find them in several different places.

Some machines will have a foot pedal like those used with standard equipment. Others may include a handgrip at the top or side of the device.

These types of tools must remain close enough to the operator’s hands. This is so that they can operate them without needing to move away from their workstation.

This is beneficial during long projects, as it minimizes any disruption if the artist needs to seek out supplies during use.

Why Does My Tattoo Machine Keep Cutting Out?

Your tattoo machine keeps cutting out because of the clip cord’s poor connection.

If the clip cord is not secure, it will keep cutting out. Try to put a safety shield and correct the clip cord connection, and it will indeed be well fixed.

Your tattoo machine may also boast cutting out because of the power supply problem.

Using a Chinese power supply could cut out many times because China’s factory power supplies aren’t good enough.

You need to change your power supply with an original one from your company manufacturer, or at least original European brand ones such as Golden Ray or PPX.

Which are not expensive but of excellent quality.

How Does The Neuma Tattoo Machine Compare To Some Other Ones?

The Neuma is a great tattoo machine; in fact, I can safely say it’s one of the best in its price range. The quality and feel of this machine are what sets it apart from your average devices.

In comparison to other machines that are around the same price point, there isn’t much comparison. You can get an extremely cheap needle-firing gun.

Still, when you’re talking about a rotary machine, you’re looking at machines that sell for upwards of $800 US dollars.

This is ridiculous when you stop and think about how long most people have been doing tattoos for under $200.

The Neuma has all the features available on more expensive machines.

Thus if something happens to your device down the road, repairing it won’t be a problem because the parts are available.

The Neuma is a fantastic tool for any tattoo artist at any level.

It’s lightweight and run by a single AA battery which means you can put it in your kit or carry case without worrying about taking up too much space.

The real advantage to this machine, however, is in its adjustability. As tatters have become more sophisticated in their artistry.

They have begun to appreciate that one size does not fit all for needles, power supplies, and rotary speeds.

With the Neuma, you turn two dials to determine what your set-up will give you, so there are no surprises.

It allows your precision with your work while being fast enough so that you can keep up with even the busiest of tattoo schedules.

What is Neuma Hybrid?

Neuma hybrid is a new type of insulation with a layer of polyethylene foam bonded to both faces of a reflective foil membrane.

The resulting structure traps the most heat and inhibits most forms of heat loss with minimal thickness. This makes it ideal for cold climate applications such as walls and roofs.

It boasts wiring with three conductors per side: one green/yellow conductor for earth continuity.

This also serves as a bond between layers; an “aluminized” aluminum-jacketed composite cable that carries the current from sources to devices;

And another jacketed power or signal cable inside the insulation.

The machine uses only non-halogenated flame retardants (such as antimony oxide) in its manufacture while still meeting all local, state, and federal fire safety codes.

Neuma hybrid’s creation is through an extrusion process that both flash-vulcanizes the reflective foil membrane to the polyethylene foam adhesive;

Increasing the bond strength of the structure while extending its lifespan through improved durability.

The insulation is entirely made from materials safe for indoor air quality. This includes low emissions of formaldehyde.

Liner And Shading With The Neuma Tattoo Machine

Liner and shading with Neuma Tattoo Machine create depth, focus, and an illusion of the 3D structure.

Liner is a sharp line that one can see at any angle.

Shading is just something between a sharp outline and a shadowed area that shows only its dark side because it’s so close to the object blocking light.

The combination of liners and shadows creates the worlds around us, especially in paintings that are often contrasted, becoming secondary elements.

What About The Needles?

Neuma Tattoo Machine needles are tattoo machine needles made by Neuma. They are mostly considered hypodermic needles, but they don’t have to pierce the dermis to work.

Neuma’s newest range of tattoo machine needles, Neuma Tahiti Titanium Line, consists of titanium alloy with no seams.

This makes them stronger than regular stainless steel. The surface is usually treated with plasma for better adhesion and corrosion resistance.

It gives a more natural coloring effect on tattoos because of the opacity of titanium rather than stainless steel.

It’s known for its brightness and shimmering effect under different types of light sources.

Also, Neuma Tattoo Machine Needles offer a variety of needle groupings, 2R through 18R. Each needle grouping is available in four needle sizes 1, 2, 3, and 4.

They group the needles based on the roundness of the point. The smaller groupings have sharper points that offer greater detail for finer work.

The larger groupings typically provide more ink coverage for shading or coloring large areas or doing cover-ups.

Features of Neuma Machine

Neuma tattoo machines boast various features that include specific details that are usually overlooked in other tattoo machines.

One of their specific features is its push-button coil changing system, the flushing mechanism which makes it easy to take apart.

The second feature is that its coils comprise high-quality materials stripped with precision.

And also utilize a unique drop-weight spring system for added durability and consistency when working on clients or projects.

The third feature is that its handle links up perfectly to the coils, and they do not wobble when in place, unlike most tattoo machines in the market today.

It has a contoured hand grip with rubberized sleeves for maximum comfort when doing tattoos on customers or when you’re drawing your artwork down to scale.

The machine itself can hold maximum tension, leaving it to be a powerful and efficient machine.

What Is A Pneumatic Tattoo Machine?

A pneumatic tattoo machine is a type of tattoo gun that uses compressed air to propel the ink.

The popularity of using compressed air-powered guns rose in the early 1970s;

When they developed many technical innovations such as stencil makers, rotary machines, and sterilization techniques.

Pneumatic machines offered artists much control over their work and allowed them to create artwork with greater detail than previously possible.

How Does A Pneumatic Tattoo Machine Work?

A Pneumatic tattoo machine works by being air compressor driven. The air compressor pumps air into the tattoo machine.

Which is then released through the tattoo needle tips to create a reciprocating motion in the needles creating perforations in your skin.

There are many different types of pneumatic tattoo machines. However, most work on this basic principle of utilizing pressurized air.

Pneumatic tattoo guns can be single action, double action, or even triple action.

This means they only move back and forth (Single), back and forth while also rotating (Double) or even back and forth, up and down all at once (Triple).

Understanding your Pneumatic Tattoo Gun Air Supply

Whether you are a tattoo artist or an experienced customer, it is essential to understand the air supply powering your pneumatic gun.

The most common power source for this equipment is an air compressor. You can buy this at several retailers.

The Compressor

When you buy your air supply for your pneumatic equipment, you will receive a compressor that must be carefully utilized.

This machine has two main components: the tank and the motor/pump.

With about an hour’s worth of work done at home (which includes connecting wires and using electrical tape), you can get your natural energy source set up to match your needs.

The tank is at the machine’s base, while there are two slots on top for gauges.

One serves as a pressure gauge, and the other serves as an electrical meter for oil pressure check-ups. The motor supports three different speeds: low, medium, and high.

This allows efficient control over how quickly needles penetrate the skin.

It’s essential to check the motor of your machine regularly. If you are experiencing problems with its performance or it seems like it’s not running well.

You should look into the health of your equipment’s pump, which rests inside the top slot of your compressor.

The pump consists of piston rods that transport oil through channels to keep the bolts lubricated while they function inside the motor.

There are four bolts within this system, two on either side, and each one has an individual seal around it to prevent leakage.

You can tell if there is an issue with any part of this system by listening for any unusual sounds emanating from your air supply unit.

The Needles

When purchasing needles for pneumatic equipment, you have three different options: steel, nickel-plated or disposable.

The most popular option for professional tattoo artists is steel needles because they are the cheapest and most durable.

However, you will need to hone them (or take them to a professional) to ensure maximum performance.

These needles are incredibly sharp at first but dull over time. This means there are points in time where the needle may need extra force to puncture your customer’s skin.

Great if you want dense lines or solid shading, but not so great if you love blunt objects sticking into other people’s bodies.

Nickel-plated needles have a higher quality than their cheaper steel counterparts.

They also come pre-sharpen out of the package, which makes them more affordable in the long run. These needles are also stronger than steel, but this comes at a price.

They are more expensive, and one can only use them several times before wearing them out.

Disposable needles are perfect for beginners or experienced tattoo artists who want to save time.

This is because these needles come pre-sharpened, and they are unusable after one use. This makes them cheaper eventually.

Thus, you will need to have a steady hand when it’s time to replace equipment every few weeks/months. This depends on how much you enjoy free tattoos.

You should always consider changing your needle when it becomes blunt. A typical needle starts sharp enough that it won’t need extra pressure during insertion.

However, after hundreds of hours of skin puncture, it will become dull. This means that you need to sharpen your needles eventually.

However, how can you tell when they are no longer sharp enough.


The Neuma Tattoo Machine is a high-quality tattoo machine that one can use in many settings.

It’s powerful enough for professional studios and perfect for beginners or artists who want a less expensive option that still provides good results.

Thus, if you’re looking for the best experience from your purchase, this might be it.

The Pneumatic Tattoo Gun Air Supply is an essential component of any tattoo gun. You should consider before deciding which one will work best for you.


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