What Is A Tattoo Machine Made of?

What Is A Tattoo Machine Made of?

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What Is A Tattoo Machine Made of?

Tattoos machines are hand-held devices used by tattooists to “paint” images deep inside people’s skin.

However, it’s important to understand much about tattoo machines before you decide to begin tattooing.

You might be asking, what is a tattoo machine made of?

A tattoo machine is made of conductive metals (coils and springs), a grip, a tube vise, a frame base, screws, and a needle holder. Modern tattoo machines have a capacitor and coils that produce alternating current to run the tattoo machine.

The increasing popularity of tattoos among teenagers cannot be denied. Young adults in the US are also embracing tattoos in their millions.

Going to a tattoo parlor in the US is all you have to do to get a tattoo. After sharing your ideas with the tattoo artist, you will have the tattoo of your dreams in a matter of hours.

However, if you might be one of those people who are serious about tattooing, you might be considering owning a tattoo machine.

Once you own a tattoo machine, it’s easy to practice tattooing in the future.

If that describes you, it’s needful to read relevant articles that will guide you in acquiring the right tattoo machine.

Having the right tattoo machine is critical for you to practice tattooing.

How Does A Tattoo Machine Work?

Modern tattoo machines have a capacitor and coils that produce alternating current to run the tattoo machine.

This alternating current comes from the electromagnetic coils that send it to the capacitor.

The capacitor, in turn, produces a more charged current and relays it to two springs mounted on a frame, whereby the two springs work by use of this charge.

What Is A Tattoo Machine Made of?

With the right amount of current from the capacity, the two springs will push the needles into your skin.

The needles are attached to an ink reservoir and have nips to deposit the ink.

There is a contact screw on the rear part of the machine. This is at the exact place where you will hold the tattoo machine.

The needle is found at the front, going inside to the location of the grip linked to the frame via a tube vise.

What Differences Exist Between Various Types Of Tattoo Machines?

There are several distinctions among different tattoo machines. It is not an easy task when it comes to choosing the best tattoo machine.

Many tattoo machine buyers find it hard to choose one machine over the other if they do not have sufficient knowledge of specific tattoo machines.

This is occasioned by many types of tattoo machines that have flooded the market in the recent past.

Since all types have their particular pros and cons, it’s essential to understand the particular tattoo machines before buying any specific one.

There is no single tattoo machine that can fit all situations, and it’s best to understand some of the most used types in use today.

For instance, coil tattoo machines are the cheapest in the market. They boast high power and better performance but are relatively heavy to handle for extended periods.

On the other hand, rotary tattoo machines are run by electric motors. These machines are not heavy like their counterparts, coil tattoo machines.

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Additionally, their pricing is in the mid-range and is reputed as causing lesser skin irritation than all tattoo machines.

In the high-end category, there is a pneumatic tattoo machine(Amazon Link) that runs on compressed air.

These machines can be cleaned with a lot of ease and scarcely requires any maintenance.

In the single-purpose category, there is the liner tattoo machine that is used for creating lines. These are very affordable tattoo machines and are not hard to handle.

However, remember that these are single-purpose machines and therefore cannot multitask.

The other tattoo machine is the shader tattoo machine that shades black ink and its variants deep into the skin.

Although it is associated with very little skin irritation and consequent trauma, it is known for its slow speed.

How Do I Buy The Best Tattoo Machine?

Despite the above-mentioned types of tattoo machines, there are several other variants that available in the market today.

Therefore, as you seek out the best tattoo machine to buy, it is best to keep your options open. You need to know some aspects of consumer buying decisions to make the best choice.

You will need to give a thought to several factors as you consider buying a tattoo machine.

Just as when someone is doing any form of shopping, it is best to have a shopping list that takes care of the features that you seek in the product.

What Is A Tattoo Machine Made of?

There are specific attributes of a tattoo machine that you will want to see in your preferred machine.

Additionally, you can’t ignore laws or regulations in your area that may pose restrictions to owning a particular type of machine.

In some jurisdictions, there may be laws that prohibit either buying or shipping certain products to the state.

Will I Need To Consider The Condition And Cost Of The Tattoo Machine?

Yes. The condition and cost of any tattoo machine should be considered before you settle for buying the tattoo gun.

You need to buy a unit whose components are not damaged.

You need to buy a tattoo machine that will serve you for a long time without any possibility of requiring repairs.

Unfortunately, tattoo machines that are in bad condition cannot meet this threshold and will frustrate you when they break down without serving you for long.

Additionally, since tattoo machines in bad condition may not be safe to use, it is essential to practice sobriety as you make your purchase.

There might be times that you want to visit the physical store you want to purchase from physically.

This is more of a requirement when you opt for a handmade tattoo machine.

When it comes to buying second-hand tattoo machines, you will make enough savings. As long as all the components are available and in good condition, go for the tattoo machine.

These components and parts need to be clean, safe, and in mint condition.

Second-hand tattoo machines should also be tested for quality products since they may appear to be in mint condition but perform poorly.  

Can I Buy A Tattoo Machine From An Online Store?

Yes. It’s possible to buy a tattoo machine from an online store, but with careful consideration.

When purposing to buy from an online store, you might want to shop around just like in the offline platforms.

Shopping around allows you to compare both quality and price from different stores. However, there is a need for sufficient research and adequate communication with the seller.

Buying online stores is advantageous as you will not need to travel back and forth, searching for the best place to buy. All this can be done from your home or car.

Again, you can also buy a tattoo machine that may not be stocked in your state or country, which is an advantage as online stores are not limited by distance.

When buying from large online marketplaces, you will have access to a wider range of products beyond the machine itself.

Large marketplaces will offer supply kits and extra equipment, and you might meet professional tattooists when buying from a large marketplace.

What Should I Beware Of When Buying A Tattoo Machine From An Online Store?

When buying from an online store, you should find a reliable supplier. This is a supplier with many positive reviews and good client testimonials.

If an online store has many bad testimonials from clients, you should expect the same if you buy from the store. It is also essential to make use of the seller’s support.

This should be a great way to have any questions or concerns addressed by the seller.

It is worth noting that reliable suppliers should provide detailed and complete information with regard to the product.

If a supplier omits some fine details like the shipping days, accessories, shipping weight, power supply requirements, available colors, and sizes.

You might need to drop them from your list of potential stores to buy from.

In addition to the above methods of knowing the best supplier, you can add asking around. This has been an old but good way for authenticating genuine stores.

All the available resources online should be taken advantage of.

Lastly, look at the return policy if you are not satisfied with the product. At a minimum, you should be looking for a thirty-day return policy.

What Is A Tattoo Machine Made of?

There should be reasonable warranty coverage for your purchase to ensure that you are assured of returning the product or getting a replacement if it doesn’t meet your expectations.

Can I Buy A Fake Tattoo Machine From An Online Store?

Yes. It’s possible to buy a fake tattoo machine from any platform, online or offline. All the same, some types are easily faked than others.

For instance, homemade machines are hard to authenticate and pose a threat of being faked.

In addition to these, the rotary tattoo machine has been identified as one that can be easily duplicated.

There are many instances where people in prison duplicate this type of tattoo machine.

Unfortunately, it is dangerous to buy fake tattoo machines since most people who make homemade tattoo machines have little knowledge about real tattooing.

These fakes are normally fitted with a low-voltage motor like the ones in toy cars.

The entire makeup of fake tattoo machines wants since paper clips substitute the needles for depositing ink.

Normally, fake tattoo machines will simply cause you skin irritation and trauma with very little to gain from the ordeal.

Do I Need To Buy Any Additional Thing After Buying A Tattoo Machine?

Yes. Buying a tattoo machine does not end with buying the machine itself!

There is regular maintenance that you need to carry out on the machine as you continue to use it.

With time, you will discover more products and other accessories that you will need to buy to ensure that your tattoo machine gives you the appropriate service for a long period.

There are several supplies that you will need to regularly buy as you continue using your tattoo machine-like power, ink, needles, first aid kit, and tubes.

You may also want to buy a footswitch or electrical supply to make your tattoo machine a bit customized.

Some of the accessories that you need to buy from time to time are needles.

You will need many needles of different sizes to make it easier to accommodate many customers.

Another accessory is tubes that hold needles in place. These are handy in supporting the needle when it contacts your skin.

These are necessary components in tattooing, and you need to choose them knowledgeably, ensuring that they are in good condition.

This will not only ensure safety for your customers but will also see your business grow in its reputation.


With the appropriate knowledge regarding a tattoo machine, you can know which one to buy.

Knowing what to buy is not the result as you still need to be keen on selecting where to buy.

It is needful to carry out sufficient research before you settle on what and where to buy.

Shopping around and doing will give you a good idea of where best to buy your desired product.

Inspect the product closely to ensure that it meets the desired standard at a price given. Price is always commensurate with quality.

If you settle for an online purchase, it is best to be on the lookout for the latest product reviews. Consider the product whose reviews meet your desired end.

Additionally, get proper training on tattooing and the use of your tattoo machine. This will avoid many pitfalls on your way to professional tattooing.


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