Is The Cheyenne Hawk Pen Wireless?(Guide)

Is The Cheyenne Hawk Pen Wireless?

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Is The Cheyenne Hawk Pen Wireless?

The Cheyenne Hawk Pen is a popular tattooing tool that one can use for many different styles of tattoos.

It has three separate needle groupings, which makes it perfect for shading and lining. The needles get sold in sets of 50 and 100.

So you will need to buy the correct amount depending on your needs. There’s nothing like working with top-quality equipment- get your Cheyenne Hawk pen today.

Yes. The Cheyenne Hawk Pen is a wireless, rechargeable ballpoint pen. The center button of the stylus allows you to turn it on and off and select the setting (high output=more flow; low output=less).

There are no batteries needed for this pen. It comes with an AC adapter but can also use 3 AAA batteries (separately sold).

You can charge your device using any one of the two USB ports at the end of the stylus.

One can use the other metal portion of the stylus as an anchor by inserting it into your phone headphone jack or its charging port (for Android users only).

It’s about 9 1/4 inches long and weighs 7 1/2 ounces.

In addition to the metal anchor at the end of the stylus, there is also a rubber cap that you can use to protect your phone from scratches.

The pen has a nice weight and balance when writing but does not feel bulky when holding it in your hand or pocket. It’s very comfortable to use.

What Voltage Is A Cheyenne Hawk Pen?

A Cheyenne Hawk pen boasts 6-13V and requires a 9V battery. If the voltage is too low, it won’t light; it will burn out if the voltage is too high.

If the voltage is between 6-13V, it will ignite if it finds something that sparks its interest. If the voltage is at exactly 9V, it will most likely not light right away.

However, once it lights up for a few seconds or minutes, or hours, it will stay lit until something sparks its interest again.

Are Cheyenne Cartridges Universal?

Yes.That’s because the design of this cartridge system holds no restrictions on brand or color.

The smooth, clean lines of their patented reservoir and drive system allow the use of any color in almost any bottom (stem) piece.

For example, you can use a red tattoo needle cartridge with Cheyenne’s orange tattoo needle cartridge.

This will not only give you significant variance from one tattoo session to the next but also from one location to another as well as from artist to artist.

Are Cheyenne Cartridges Good?

Yes. They boast simplicity, aesthetics, and the ability to use your designs.

The cartridges are compatible with the Cheyenne Hawk, which was one of the first computer-driven tattoo machines.

Many artists today will use them for fine line work and detail when doing custom tattoos. If you’re not sure what cartridge to get.

There is a green ossein pad within it that you can replace with something different. This is usually in the form of rubber ossicles.

Some people do this for more refined lines, while others like using leather pads instead.

This is the case with some people who believe that using specific skin or ossicles will enhance their tattooing.

Do Kwadron Cartridges Have A Membrane?

Yes.The cartridge boasts a safety membrane. It’s made of polyethylene. The membrane’s pores are a bit smaller than a human hair at about 0,05 μm (micrometer) in diameter.

This means that only ink with a viscosity lower than the blood can pass through. The cartridge is filled with indelible pigment ink, and thus, no transfer to the skin is possible.

The cartridge also features a 5-year expiration date. This is a long time, but it seems well justified considering that cartridges are usually found in the standard tattoo kits.

Is The Cheyenne Hawk Pen Wireless?

It’s challenging to choose a reliable supplier of wrist tattoos if you have already decided on this type of apparel.

There are many different ideas, styles, and designs for this category of products that cannot please everyone. The result may differ very much from what you imagined.

Thus, only deliberate purchases are helpful. Although they will take more time than local visits to street vendors or friends who do their tattoos by hand.

Do Cheyenne Cartridges Work With Other Machines?

Yes. They boast compatibility with other machines, thanks to their vast range of pressure. For example, one can use this cartridge with the Cheyenne Hawk (when using an adapter).

A similar feature is available for the nebulizer, which allows the cartridge to work with many other machines.

The nebulizer also has a dial on its side so that you can control how much mist it emits at once.

Furthermore, the mouthpiece of the Cheyenne Hawk(Amazon Link) comprises plastic and is disposable. There are some precautions to consider when changing cartridges.

Check your machine’s instruction manual before exchanging cartridges. If you don’t have any or if yours doesn’t mention anything about it.

Now that you know which cartridges are compatible with some of Cheyenne’s most popular nebulizers and vaporizers, it’s time to learn how to change them.

Whether your inhaler doesn’t mention anything about cartridges on its instruction manual or if someone told you otherwise, follow these steps:

1) Ensure the unit and the mouthpiece (if applicable) are off and unplugged from an electrical source.

2) Find the small hole located on the top side of the nebulizer near where you load a new cartridge.

3) Put a pin-like object through the hole and push against it until you feel a spring behind it.

4) Pull up on the cartridge with your other hand while gently pushing down on the mouthpiece’s stem at the same time.

This will detach the mouthpiece from its base so that you can pull out the old cartridge by its stem.

Be gentle, as this part might be fragile depending on which nebulizer or vaporizer you have.

You should then see how full your used cartridge is before continuing to change it with a new one of Cheyenne’s cartridges.

5) Drop in a fresh dose from a compatible Cheyenne prescription drug inhaler into your used;

Open cartridge after cleaning all residue from inside of it using a dry tissue or cotton swab.

6) Gently push the new cartridge into its base until you feel a click.

If there is no click, stop pushing and check to ensure your item isn’t hanging up on something inside the chamber.

7) Attach the mouthpiece back onto its base by simply guiding it into place while gently holding it with your other hand.

8) Attempt to turn on your inhaler if it wasn’t already, plug it in again if necessary;

Follow the specific instructions for how long to leave your next dose in Cheyenne’s cartridges before using them.

These instructions will vary depending on which type of nebulizer or vaporizer you have, so be sure to check your instruction manual.

What is stroke in tattooing?

Stroke refers to the movement of the needle while making a line or shading an area with ink. It also could refer to how much pressure is being applied during this process.

For example, if someone says their strokes are heavy or light, they refer to how deep their needles go into her skin.

The depth of one’s strokes determines where and how dark ink will get deposited in your skin.

Thus, it’s essential not only for safety reasons but also because lighter lines look better than thick ones.

In grey-wash or shading, you can use a hold-and-release method to create the illusion of stippling.

Though in freehand pieces, a lot of artists will create different strokes for different effects.

For example, if your line is shaky and it’s supposed to look like a wave or wind blowing across the water.

You might make some choppy movements with the needle while going side to side.

Or when making an area darker as shade by holding the needle more firmly against your skin as you tattoo over that area again.

In these situations, the ink would deposit deeper into your epidermis;

Which means they would have less ink left on top of those areas since there’s far less space for the ink to be able to seep into.

However, if you make your strokes too shallow, the lighter lines will result in inconsistent ink color since the density of fresh ink.

Naturally, occurring pigment cells (melanin) also affect how dark it is. This may be why some people initially dislike their tattoos, especially if they’re not well-done;

The artist either used barely any pressure or added way too much pressure to their needles, which resulted in minimal movement during actual tattooing.

This led to minimal color deposited into that area.

Many variables play a part in the stroke method, including the amount of colors used, power supply voltage and amperage, needle size and material.

The thickness of your skin or fat layer beneath the epidermis, etc.

All of these contribute to how your tattoo will look in the end since it determines how much ink gets deposited into the given area, which directly affects color saturation.

What are Kwadron needles made of?

Kwandon needles comprise over 300 stainless steel needles that are 0.25mm thick and have a 0.1mm gap between each needlepoint.

The needle’s shape changes when in use, so it is difficult to explain in words the exact appearance of a Kwandon needle at any one time.

Still, in general, they can be described as being square or rectangular prisms with a cube on top.

The cube represents the threaded neck of the Kwandon needle, which enables insertion into your skin.

On average, a Kwandon needle has a length of between 60mm and 70mm.

Can One Fix Crooked Tattoos?

The gap between the needles is approximately 1mm longer than the needles themselves – you can see this gap at the tip of your Kwandon needle.

Due to hygiene issues, any excess thread from your threads should also not get inserted into your skin.

This could become problematic down the line if someone else wanted to use those same threaded needles.

In terms of penetration sensation, Kwandon prides itself on providing customers with smooth penetrative sensations.

The company knows how sensitive some people can be to sharp or intrusive sensations.

While one can use various tools, each tool will provide the same level of smoothness in sensation if you follow the correct insertion method.

To get an idea of how deep our needles go, take a human hair and add 5mm to this length.

– This will give you roughly how deep our needles will penetrate your skin [please note, these are not guarantees].

It would be best to remember that each person’s skin type and thickness varies from person to person.

While some people may feel no discomfort when penetrated by a particular needle, someone else might find the same needle too invasive.

In addition, it’s worth remembering that even if a needle tip gets inserted to a certain depth, this does not guarantee that the entire needle will get inserted to that same depth.

While you can use a threader to assist with the insertion of Kwadron needles, it’s essential to remember that if you do so.

You are performing your insertion in a sterile manner and should ensure nobody else uses your threaders or any other object used for insertion purposes.

It may also be worthwhile to use non-sterile gloves when inserting threaded needles to minimize the risk of any bacteria spreading from one person’s skin to another.


The Cheyenne Hawk Pen is wireless. It operates on a voltage of 4.5 volts, and one must replace the cartridge for this tattoo machine every 10 hours.

This can get expensive when you consider how much ink goes in each cartridge. Kwadron cartridges are universal, but they don’t have a membrane.

So, if you buy them from one company and use it with another machine.

There will be leakage problems that could cause permanent damage to your equipment or mess up the look of your design.


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