Do Certain Personality Types Get Tattoos?

Do Certain Personality Types Get Tattoos?

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Do Certain Personality Types Get Tattoos?

Yes! People with certain personality types are more likely to get tattoos than others. Introverts are more likely to get tattoos than extroverts, and people who are more comfortable in their skin are less likely to get a tattoo than those who struggle with social acceptance.

People with a high need for uniqueness are also more likely to get tattoos since they tend to be more invested in their identity.

People with bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and other personality disorders are much more likely to want tattoos than the average person.

Finally, people with a high IQ are more likely to get tattoos than those with lower intelligence.

While this doesn’t necessarily say anything about their personality type, it does indicate that they most likely have an active imagination and are more interested in creating artistic or otherwise unique body art than people with lower IQs.

Many factors also influence whether someone is likely to have certain tattoos.

Casual tattoos like a small, discreet tattoo on the wrist are more often chosen by extroverts who tend to care less about having unique looks than introverts do.

More permanent tattoos that require multiple sessions are much more often chosen by people with high intellect or those with bipolar or other personality disorders.

Is There Such Thing as Tattoo Addiction?

No! The concept is ludicrous, and the idea that anyone would get tattoos for something other than aesthetics or tattoos just because they’re addicted to them is a complete distortion of reality.

Tattoos are a journey of self-expression for those who get them because they have an intense desire to express themselves through art or to fix something broken about themselves.

Even if someone is addicted to getting a tattoo, that is not the same as actually being addicted.

Some people are addicted to alcohol and cigarettes, but that does not make them dependent on those substances.

Similarly, you can’t have a dependency on a satanic cult or baptism by fire in hell after you die and be considered an addict.

If you’re continually drawn to get new tattoos, then you’re not addicted to them; you’re desperate to express your innermost feelings on your body.

This is a healthy desire, and it makes perfect sense. If the urge to get a tattoo didn’t come from a good place, there would be no need for this.

You would want to see what happens when you do something crazy. Getting tattoos isn’t crazy, so their appeal doesn’t come from this.

Where Do Guys Find Tattoos Most Attractive?

Tattoos are a huge part of many people’s lives. They symbolize who you are, the things you love, and your culture.

Guys are especially known to have tattoos; 56% of men in the United States have at least one tattoo.

Body PartDescription
ShouldersShoulder tattoos look sexy and casual, making guys seem more open to touch.
Upper BackGuys with tattoos on the upper back make it seem like they have a stronger sense of self than girly men without any ink.
ArmTattoos over arms make guys seem bold and fearless, signifying that this guy is not afraid to get in the game and live life to the fullest.
Lower BackGuys with tattoos on their lower backs spice up their appearance, making it look like they are “proud” of their bodies.
BackPeople with tattoos over their bums or lower back receive sexy and rugged compliments, making them stand out from the crowd of overdressed girly men.
ChestPeople with those heart-shaped tattoos inked on their chests usually have the best-looking bodies because they have a good sculpture and are well-toned.

Where Is the Least Noticeable Place to Get A Tattoo?

Body PartDescription
Collar BoneThis placement is often used because the wearer wears a shirt or a blouse that covers their neckline.

For example, a woman may get a tattoo on the back of her neck so she can wear it without getting noticed.
Upper Inner Arm (Near the Wrist)This is an excellent place for tattoos because the wearer’s sleeve covers most of the arm.

It’s also where most women will not have their sleeves covered by clothing and, thus, can be safer from public view.

This placement is also beneficial for people afraid of getting inked on their faces or hands because clothing often carries these parts.
Rib CageThis place is a bit risky for men because it’s easy to get spotted wearing a sleeveless shirt.

It can also be risky for women because they must take off their clothes for the tattoo artist to complete the placement.

If the female plans to have a large tattoo, this may work fine, but it can be problematic if she wants something small.
ButtockThis is a good place for people afraid of getting a tattoo on their faces or hands. Many women have tattoos on their butts, and it’s very safe from public view.

This is also beneficial for females because clothes cover most tattoos, and only their intended partner can see them in all their glory.
Foot Or AnkleDue to the worn clothing, most people will not see this area unless they stare straight at the foot or ankle when uncovered.

This placement is typically used for small tattoos because there is little space for bigger tattoos. The recipient can even cover the tattoo by wearing socks or shoes.
Behind The EarA woman’s ear is a great place to get a tattoo that she can hide under her hair. This area is small, and many people will not notice, especially if the woman has to wear her hair down to cover her ears completely.

Why Is Getting Tattoos Addictive?

1. It’s A Social Activity

Getting tattooed is always an exciting and fun experience. There’s no better way to bond with your friends than by getting the same tattoo.

It’s also a cool way to connect with people you’ve just met who have no idea who you are but still decide to get tattooed.

Tattoos are also a great way to express yourself and show off your personality while in the company of others, which can be particularly important for those looking for love.

2. It’s A Way to Express Yourself

If you love expressing yourself through your appearance, tattoos are a great way to do so.

Whether you have a colorful personality or an artistic one, getting a tattoo will help showcase your style and bring out your best qualities.

3. It’s Fun

Getting tattooed is fun. There’s no denying that the experience can be painful, but it’s also exciting and offers a creative outlet for self-expression.

4. It’s A Distraction

It’s never easy to face the uncertainty of the future or the inevitability of change. Getting tattooed lets you take your mind off these concerns and focus on something more immediate and exciting.

Plus, when you’re busy worrying about how your new tattoo will look, you won’t have time to worry about anything else.

5. It’s A Rebellion

Tattoos are taboo in many ways. First, they’re illegal in many areas, so you break the law whenever you get tattooed. This can be exciting and can give you a rush of adrenaline.

In addition to being illegal, tattoos are often frowned upon by society. This makes getting a tattoo a subtle way to rebel against the norms of society and reinforce your individuality.

6. It’s A Way to Express Your Freedom

Tattoos push the limits of freedom. Whether you want to get a tattoo as a way to express yourself or as a way of rebellion, getting tats is an expression of your independence.

Do Certain Personality Types Get Tattoos?

You’re in control, allowing you to do practically anything you want with your body. No one will tell you what you can and can’t get tattooed.

7. It’s A Chance to Take Risks

Many people see tattoos as a gamble. Getting tattooed is risky because you don’t know whether it will ruin your body or not look good in the future.

People often get tattoos they’re unsure about, which is why many people end up with something that just doesn’t fit them or express who they are.

Most Sexy Tattoos places for Women

Body PartDescription
Inner wristInner wrist tattoos are perfect for women who want to show off their tattoos occasionally but not make them too visible.
Inner ThighA sexy and classy thigh tattoo design that shows just enough skin to entice and still be elegant. It’s the most common spot for girls who want less work or commitment.
Foot or calfThis is another good spot if you want a sexy tattoo without making a huge commitment or showing it off all the time (if you are tall).
HipA sexy hip tattoo that is visible yet still most likely covered by everyday clothing. An excellent place for a young woman who wants to get a tattoo but is nervous about commitment.
Small backThis is the most common spot for women because it’s hidden entirely by clothing and is not as painful or expensive as some other spots. It’s also classy if you want something traditional (like a classic tiger).
Inner ForearmThanks to Megan Fox, this is an increasingly popular spot for girls, and it’s a great place if you want to cover most of your body but still have a tiny bit of skin to show off.
FooterA sexy foot tattoo that shows just enough skin to be sexy and still be shoe-covered (if you wear heels).

It’s also not as painful as other spots, but it can take some time because feet have less ink than most other places.
Upper ArmA great spot for girls looking to keep their sexy without giving up a lot of skin. The best option is the inner elbow, but a lot of the time, it can get excruciating.
Lower BackThis is another popular spot for women because it’s not as bad as other spots and shows less skin than others, like a hip or lower leg.

A great place if you’re looking to avoid showing off much more than your waistband.

Most Sexy Tattoo Placement for Men

Body PartDescription
Upper Arm SleeveThe upper arm sleeve is a great place to get a tattoo because it’s at the top of the shoulder and has plenty of room for ink and design.
Neck TattooIn the US, neck tattoos are still taboo but quickly gaining popularity. It’s the perfect location to show off your tattoo and is often used for tribal tattoos or larger designs that cover the whole neck.
Rib Cage TattooA rib cage tattoo is a fantastic way to show off your sexy side. The design possibilities for this type of tattoo are endless, and it can create a sensual image when done just right (which you’ll have to do on your own).
Foot TattooThe foot is one of the most underrated spaces on the body for a tattoo. It’s overlooked chiefly because it seems like a small space, and most people don’t even consider getting a tattoo there. 
Chest Tattoos For MenA chest piece can take quite some time to finish, so make sure you have plenty of time to dedicate to it before you start planning the design.

 If you’re looking for a sexy chest piece with lots of movement, this is your best bet.
Lower Back TattooThe lower back is an excellent alternative to the traditional sexy tattoo on the shoulder. It’s where most people aren’t often seen tattooed and can make the body look longer or curvier.

Do Tattoos Increase Self-Esteem?

Yes! In the US, a survey of 3000 students found four or more tattoo survey respondents had significantly higher self-esteem than those with fewer tattoos.

Other studies have found that people with tattoos rated themselves more positively than those without tattoos.

The association between tattoos and higher self-esteem might have links to their rise in popularity among women. Boiled down, this means tattoos go hand in hand with feminism.

A woman with a tattoo has made an active choice for links rather than simply following the lead of boyfriends or girlfriends.

Further, body art is not always seen as a form of self-expression by people outside the subculture, which can lead to discrimination.

An experiment in the UK found that participants viewed body art negatively when they could not understand it. But it’s vital to explore tattoos for what they are: a deliberate choice.

If a woman has a tattoo because she likes it, has considered it, and has prepared to stand by that decision, it’s unlikely to cause her any problems.

That is a separate issue if a woman has gotten inked simply because it’s cool and trendy. She has no real control over whether she gets tattooed, and the decision.

Is It Rare Not to Have Tattoos?

No! It’s common not to have tattoos since only some people love tattoos, and many people don’t want to get tattoos.

Many people who don’t have tattoos feel like they’re missing something with all these tattoo designs everywhere.

But even if you’re not someone who has a habit of getting tattoos, that doesn’t mean you still want one or wouldn’t like one someday. You can still express your statement about who you are without tattoos.

There are reasons why some people don’t have tattoos. These include:

1. Some People Don’t Like Tattoos

Some people dislike tattoos because they feel they won’t look good with them or think it’s not for them. Your body is your choice, and if you don’t want to get any tattoos, then that’s alright.

It does not mean anything bad about you or anything; it just means that having a tattoo is not your thing.

2. You May Be Allergic to Tattoo Ink

You can be allergic to tattoo ink and feel sick from getting one. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t get one and that it would be dumb of you to get one. You could react to the ink; if so, don’t get a tattoo.

3. Your Parents May Disapprove

Some people cannot do tats because their parents or guardians oppose it or have rules about tattoos, so they can’t get them.

Many people have their parents’ or guardians’ approval or love for them despite having tattoos, so don’t worry that your parents might frown on you to get one.

Five Types of People Most Addicted to Tattoos

People Addicted to TattoosDescription
BikersBikers are infamous for having extensive tattoos that cover their arms, legs, and even faces.

Bikers view themselves as outsiders and rebels who want to make a statement about how different they are. It’s also a way for them to show solidarity with other bikers and the activity they enjoy.
AthletesFor athletes, tattoos refer back to the ritualistic qualities of tribal cultures. Being tattooed is a rite of passage into adulthood or an initiation ceremony into their new tribe.
Female ImpersonatorsFor female impersonators, tattoos are deliberately done brilliantly. It’s a way of showing that they’re unique and different.
Hardcore FansFor hardcore fans, tattoos serve as a way of showing their overwhelming dedication to their favorite band. It is a rite of passage into their tribe, just like in tribal cultures. 
Tattoo ArtistsThe most passionate tattoo artists will have full sleeves and even half-bodies covered with tattoos.

This is because they are living art, walking examples of their work. They often walk around in their studios in the nude to show off their tattoos.


Tattoos are a great way you can express yourself. It’s a way to let your body speak for you and feel special while looking unique. Every tattoo tells a story-yours or someone else’s.

You can have your own story featured on your body forever, or you can be the person who tells someone else’s story on their body.


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