Can You Use Regular Tattoo Ink For Microblading?

Can You Use Regular Tattoo Ink For Micro-Blading?

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Can You Use Regular Tattoo Ink For Microblading?

To produce a tattoo, the ink needs to be deeply injected into the skin. The type of ink used will depend on the color and design desired by the client.

Inks usually comprise pigments or dyes mixed with water-soluble media such as glycerin, gum Arabic, gelatin, and glucose.

However, a growing number of people have been turning to unconventional materials for their tattoos that include everything from coal dust and coffee grounds to insects and scorpions.

No. With microblading, you need minimal pigment and maximum penetration. Microblading needles penetrate the skin (about 1mm), depositing pigment into the very lower layer of your skin.

This goes beyond most peoples’ thoughts of tattooing because it deposits pigment below the epidermis (the very outermost layer).

That means that tattoo ink cannot deliver such an effect because it only penetrates the upper epidermal layer.

With micro-blading, you need to use special pigment for this very reason.

The skin is much thinner than in tattoos, so the regular tattoo ink wouldn’t penetrate deep enough to deliver your desired effect.

And even though there are now pigments designed only for micro-blading (in other words, less dense/heavy pigment).

Many people still like to use their favorite standard tattoo ink because that’s what they’re comfortable with and know how to work with.

If that’s something you feel like trying, be aware that if your micro-blading customer later decides they don’t like it or no longer wants any pigment there at all.

It will be impossible for a laser removal specialist to fade out the color.

If your customer ever gets sick of their micro-blading, you will get a permanent tattoo for the spot where they did it.

If you’re going to do micro-blading, don’t use standard tattoo ink. Use a pigment designed only for this art form instead.

Tattoo ink(Amazon Link) can work as long as you know how to work with it and understand what you’re doing.

However, only if there’s nothing wrong with the way it’s packaged or sold (meaning no issues of “watering down” or otherwise degrading the pigments).

But I’d still recommend using micro-blading pigment rather than regular tattoo ink.

Is Eyebrow Ink The Same As Tattoo Ink?

No. Eyebrow ink is not the same as tattoo ink. Eyebrow tattoos are permanent makeup tattoos where a cosmetic solution gets inserted into the skin’s dermis to enhance or reshape natural eyebrows.

Eyebrow tattooing can darken or fill-in over plucked brows, creating a completely new line-shaped brow.

Covering scar tissue left behind from accidents or surgeries, and help rebuild missing eyebrow hair caused by alopecia areata or chemotherapy treatments for cancer patients.

Tattoo inks used for eyebrow enhancement are usually manufactured with cosmetic pigments rather than medical pigments, like those found in tattoo inks.

Cosmetic tattoo pigments are specifically designed so that they won’t remain permanent in the body. Instead, they’ll remain in the dermis for a few months and slowly fade away.

Medical tattoo pigments remain permanently within the body for surgical or medical purposes. They use these permanent pigments as part of cancer treatments.

They’re inserted into the dermis to track drugs as they move through the body and to provide long-term barcode identification markers that will last throughout an entire person’s life.

Tattoo ink is also used as a medium for permanent marking on animals.

Veterinary doctors often tattoo furred pets with identification numbers used by animal shelters or pet ownership records.

Can You Use Regular Tattoo Ink For Microblading?

The colors found in these tattoos are usually black or brown – but they can produce any color.

These permanent tattoo ink materials are usually manufactured with “medical grade” pigments; they’re designed to remain in the body.

What Kind Of Ink Is Usually Used For Micro-Blading?

Micro-blading uses organic and inorganic pigments. While the ink differs from tattoo ink, there are some similarities.

It’s made of iron oxide particles coated with polymer resins. It can get washed off by soap and water within 7-10days after micro-blading treatment.

Each pigment particle has a sharp tip that can easily penetrate your epidermis to reach dermal level during the micro-blading procedure.

However, it cannot penetrate your blood vessels, then get circulated your body like what materials in tattoos do.

You should avoid doing any sweat exercise or exposure to sunburned areas before fading away for at least two weeks because sweat might ruin the pigment on the skin by washing it out.

Also, you are strictly advised to stay away from laser hair removal and any chemical peeling at least a month before the micro-blading procedure.

What Lasts Longer, Micro-Blading Or Tattoo?

Eyebrow tattoos last longer than micro-blading. This is because they are permanent, unlike eyebrow micro-blading, which wears out.

Eyebrow tattoos can get done in long or multiple sessions depending on the client’s desired look, with procedures lasting at least 2 hours.

Eyebrow tattooing requires not less than two hours per session.

With an average three-hour session time in applying numbing cream and waiting for the effect to set in before touching up;

With materials used being dermal filler or tattoo ink [depends on how permanent they want their brows], aftercare includes bandaging and putting arnica ointment on the area.

Micro-blading Vs. Tattoo Eyebrows; Which is better??

Tattoo eyebrows look better than micro-blades.Tattoo eyebrows are growing popular nowadays.

Tattooing of eyebrows has evolved over the years, and the best thing about it is that these brows last for many years.

Expert brow artists provide several kinds of eyebrow tattoos with different shapes and hues to give you natural looks.

Here are some significant differences between micro-blading and permanent makeup eyebrows.

Our ancestors had practiced Micro-blading or powdered methods. Later its popularity declined because it used powder pigment, which was not long-lasting on the skin.

They improved in later years when they started using wax and pigment to attach them to the skin.

Since then, this became popular among women who wished to have perfect arches for their eyes.

This method was quite popular among celebrities during the past few years, but it had one limitation: they have to touch up every couple of months.

But tattoo artists improved this method by using better pigments along with the ink. They use tattoo pigment in case of eyebrow tattoos, which are long-lasting and permanent on the skin.

The procedure for applying them is quite similar to making a standard tattoo design.

Is Permanent Makeup Ink The Same As Tattoo Ink?

No. Permanent makeup ink isn’t the same as tattoo ink. Tattoo inks are thoroughly regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

In contrast, permanent makeup ink is highly considered a cosmetic and thus falls under the jurisdiction of state agencies that usually have less stringent standards, reports Allure.

Tattoo inks contain color additives, which must go through the FDA’s additive approval process to be safely deemed for injection into the skin.

One can find a list of approved color additives for cosmetic use on the FDA website.

The specific chemicals used in tattoo ink aren’t listed because they’re trade secrets held by industry suppliers, and dying people’s skin with them isn’t an exact science.

The pigment dye has to be compatible with the skin, and of course, each person’s skin is slightly different.

What Is More Painful, Micro-Blading Or Tattoo?

Tattooing is more painful compared to micro-blading. Micro-blading is a semi-permanent treatment that produces hair stroke tattoo effects.

This blend of micro-blading and permanent makeup makes the appearance look natural, and eyebrows appear to grow from within the skin rather than drawn on top of it.

Tattooing involves injecting ink into the dermal layer at high pressure, resulting in solid coloring lines.

The procedure can be painful because needles need to puncture through skin layers on repeat until ink covers the intended area.

Many people have turned to semi-permanent treatments like micro-blading for more than just aesthetic purposes in recent years.

People prefer having long-lasting results without having to bear any pain.

It’s important to note that semi-permanent treatments like micro-blading and tattooing are not indestructible, thus require touch-ups after one year.

This is not to say that micro-blading hurts way less than tattooing.

However, when comparing pain during the procedures themselves, one can say that micro-blading is relatively much more comfortable than tattooing.

Because only the skin gets punctured in micro-blading. In contrast, needles penetrate deep into the layers of skin during tattooing.

The healed scars following a micro-blade treatment will appear softer compared to tattoos.

Do Eyeliner Tattoos Turn Green?

Yes. This has something to do with the ink used for eyeliner tattoos and how much pigment they add to the procedure.

The variation in these designs is a unique quality of getting a permanent eyeliner tattoo. The key ingredient of the ink used to make an eyeliner tattoo is copper phthalocyanine.

That’s why you can develop a blue-green pigmentation that may last from six months up to several years.

This happens because the skin is trying to ‘wall off’ the color pigment from the immune system. This then causes vascularization and the death of skin cells.

Can You Use Regular Tattoo Ink For Micro-Blading?

When this occurs, it can cause itching so intensely that people resort to rubbing their eyes or scratching them until they bleed.

If caught early, treatment with corticosteroids will help eliminate any allergic reaction. Thus, it doesn’t cause permanent damage or scarring.

Is Permanent Eyeliner A Tattoo?

Yes. All forms of permanent makeup boast classification as tattoos – most are not as painful.

According to the American Association of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals, cosmetic tattooing is permanent makeup.

For most, it’s a type of individual adornment, with the goal being self-expression and self-esteem enhancement.

Does Tattooed Eyeliner Hurt?

Yes. But tattoo artists apply numbing cream to ease the pain, which makes it tolerable.

Your eyelid skin is very thin, thin enough that tattooing can pull on the skin if you don’t have a proper technique.

Once this happens, your eyes will turn black-and-blue and swell up. And, of course, there’s always the risk of infection.

However, I’m sure you already know this, considering how risky tattoos are.

Tattoo artists never use needles bigger than 1.5mm to avoid scarring or disrupting pigment cells because both can cause tattoo fading.

Is Tattooing Eyebrows A Good Idea?

Yes. Tattooed eyebrows save time and give your eyebrows a sleek look all the time.Eyebrows are an essential part of facial symmetry.

They’re what frames your face, giving it character and drawing attention where you want it.

However, fashion trends change so often that eyebrows become ‘outdated.’ Right now, fashion trends are for faces with thin eyebrows.

There are even people who have to tweeze their eyebrows because they don’t grow at all.

But no matter how much fashion changes, your face will always need eyebrows. That’s why tattooed eyebrows are so great – they’ll never go “out of style.”

The color will perfectly match your hair color, and there will never be hairs out of place.

And if this isn’t reason enough to get them done – think about how much time you spend in the morning perfecting your eyebrows.

With tattooed eyebrows, there’s no need to worry so much about them anymore.

Even if fashion trends change again, it’s not like everyone will stop plucking their eyebrows and redraw them.

Tattooed eyebrows are always in style because they’ll stay that way even when heavy makeup or thin brows come back into fashion.

This is because nobody can get rid of them. So, go ahead, save yourself some time every morning.


Tattoo lovers, is it time to find a new hobby? As the popularity of micro-blading increases among those interested in permanent makeup, tattoo artists feel left out.

Though many people assume that one can use regular ink for micro-blading eyebrows, this is not the case.

The two types of ink work differently and require different equipment. You need the right tools and pigment mix if you want your brows to look natural and beautiful over time.

If you’re considering getting an eyebrow tattoo or undergoing permanent eyeliner tattoos.

I recommend doing lots of research before committing because they come with some risks.


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