Can You Get a Tattoo on Your Balls?(Solved)

Can You Get a Tattoo on Your Balls?

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Can You Get a Tattoo on Your Balls?

Tattoo areas are a conundrum for those who are looking to get inked.

There are many different opinions on what tattoo you should get, where you should place it, and how big or small it should be.

The suggestions given by friends, family members, and others will vary greatly from person to person.

Yes! You can get a tattoo on your balls. However, you should know that the scrotum is very sensitive and painful. The scrotum is similar to the labia and vas deferens, all mucus membrane tissue. The skin in this region is thin and delicate, including the surface blood vessels.

Because of this sensitivity, it requires care during and after tattooing.You must keep tattoo equipment cool to avoid a thermal injury (a burn) or an infection.

In addition, you need to use gloves when applying tattoo ink with a needle because your skin produces moisture that increases your chance of getting a rash or infection. You should also apply a wound-healing medication.

When getting a tattoo on your genitals, you should ensure that the person doing the tattoo has the experience, skills, and sterile tattoo supplies.

Pick an area that is not particularly sensitive. Select a color that is relatively easy to cover later with ink.

Choose an outline design instead of a detailed one if you want to cover it later. The tattoo artist should also have a powerful air blower for sterilizing the equipment and work area.

What Consider Before Getting A Ball Tattoo?

1. Pain

Ball tattoos boast a lot of pain; more often than not, it’s on the top of your head. Getting a ball tattoo on the upper end of your forehead or under your hair may cause embarrassment and pain.

2. High Risk of Infection

You will have to clean the ink of the ball tattoo off of yourself every day, and there is always a chance it could get infected.

3. Allergic Reaction

There is always a chance of an allergic reaction to the ink you get. The ink is because of their product, so you might undergo allergy tests before getting your ball tattoo.

4. Regular Cleaning Required

You must keep your ball tattoo clean daily, which is a must in case of any infection from dirt or germs.

5. Aftercare

Ball tattoos need aftercare to prevent early peeling of the scabs.

Can You Get a Tattoo on Your Balls?

6. The Stencil

Few people can do free handball tattoos, so you will require a stencil to get one of your choice inked on your body.

7. The Tattooist

The tattooist you choose should have experience and be very good at their job, or maybe they would mess up the stencil and create a design that is different from what you wanted or incomplete.

8. Bleeding

While getting a ball tattoo, there is a very high chance of bleeding. This is because there is a small hole inside the ball you get inked.

9. Change in Design

While getting a ball tattoo, you must ensure that your design will look good on your body and fit your personality.

10. Healing

Ball tattoos may take longer than normal to heal, and you must keep the area clean and dry.

Pros and Cons : Testicle Tattoos

Testicle tattoos are becoming more popular, but there are both pros and cons to this new trend.

If you’re considering getting a testicle tattoo, it’s important to consider the disadvantages and the advantages that may come from the process. From pain levels to potential infections.

Scar cover-upPainful
SexyBleed a lot
Look coolHigh risk of infection
AttractiveRequires a regular and higher maintenance
DesignChange in design due to the wrinkling skin

The Process of Getting a Ball Tattoo-guide

First, you should research the tattoo. It’s always best to have a design in mind before you get the ink done, but it’s also fun to let a talented artist come up with one for you.

You’ll need to find out what colors they use and whether there are any hidden meanings behind your chosen design.

If it’s something that you know a little about, it may pay off to do more research before proceeding, as this can potentially reduce some of the post-tattoo regrets, and it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Next, you can prepare yourself for the pain. There’s no way to know your tattoo’s pain until you get one done.

This means you need to get as much information as possible about your chosen artist and their business before making an appointment.

If the place is reputable, they’ll have been in business for some time and use disposable needles after each customer.

If you find one of these places, you should expect them to show you around the shop and provide a little information on what to expect while you’re there.

You’ll also want to ask if you need the necessary shots. Some artists might not require any shots since they use an “all-in” marking technique; this may reduce discomfort but eliminate it.

How Painful Is It to Tattoo Your Scrotum?

Scrotum tattoos are extremely painful because this is a very sensitive area. The scrotum has many nerve endings, and a tattoo needle stimulates each.

This part of the male anatomy is sensitive even without a tattoo. The best advice for anyone seeking a scrotum tattoo is to save it for later when their testosterone levels go down.

It takes many months of the body’s low testosterone levels to prepare for a scrotum tattoo. After those months, handling the pain and getting your desired design ready will be much easier.

Before getting a scrotum tattoo, it’s also important to research and try different designs and placement of an artist’s tattoo machine.

Can You Get a Tattoo on Your Balls?

Also, note that when you get a scrotum tattoo, it’s important to use the right care and cleaning products. A good cleaning salve is key before putting on pants and going out into the world.

This will help keep the jewelry in place and prevent irritation from raising its ugly head.

Try your best to get a tattoo placed on the front side of the scrotum. This is where you locate most of the nerve endings and where you will feel more pain from.

This is also where you will put your jewelry between the two balls to keep everything in place.

Where Do Tattoos Hurt Least, Male?

1. Forearm

The arm is often a good place for a new tattoo because it’s typically covered by clothing and has fewer nerve endings. This spot doesn’t have much sensitive skin to disrupt the tattooing process.

2. Shoulder

The shoulder area also has fewer nerve endings. This is a good spot for people who prefer to avoid having large, bright tattoos on their arms or shoulders.

3. Back of Arm

This area is relatively sensitive, especially if you add weight. Avoid putting a tattoo there because it will hurt when you sit or lay down if you want to put it on your back.

4. Stomach

The stomach is not a good place for tattoos because it’s smooth with almost no muscle or fat. This can be very painful, so try not to get any here.

But if you still want one, ensure the tattoo artist does their best and takes some medicine before doing the tattoo.

5. Hands

The hands are fairly safe because it has only three nerves compared to other spots like the neck, chest, and lower back. Tattooing on the hands is not very common, as most people avoid it.

6. Back of Thigh

This is a good spot for getting tattoos because this area has little sensitive skin and thin muscle tissue.

It’s also covered by clothing and other things you might be wearing, so these are all advantages for tattoos on the back of the thigh.

Other Painful Male Organs to Get A Tattoo

ScrotumThe scrotum is very sensitive and can be painful as well. It can also be a much larger tattoo than you might expect.
ArmpitAn armpit tattoo can be painful, and the healing process is slow because the lymph nodes are in this area.
ButtocksA tattoo on your butt is an intimate spot you may not want to show off to everyone, so it will be painful to sit after doing it.

It also takes a long time to heal back up because of all the walking you do with the added weight in that area.
Nipples and breastsIt’s painful to get the nipples and breasts tattooed. It takes a long time for it to heal and prepare for that.
AnkleThe ankle is also a sensitive area that can make you tense up as you get an ankle tattoo. It will probably hurt as well but not as much as the other areas listed above.
GroinThe groin is also a very intimate and sensitive area that is very painful, especially if you get it tattooed in the pubic region.
HipsThe hips can also be very sensitive and painful. The hip tattoo will probably hurt when you get it, too, for a couple of days after you finish the procedure.

What Are the Minimal Painful Male Organs to Get A Tattoo?

1. Buttocks

Buttocks are often one of the less painful areas to get a tattoo, but it’s better than other places on your body, like your stomach or shoulder blade.

2. Belly Button

Piercing your belly button is one of the most pleasurable ways to get a tattoo because you’re used to pain.

Also, when receiving a tattoo, you won’t have to worry about your belly becoming as giant and bloated as it does after giving birth.

3. Inner Thighs

The inner thighs are very sensitive, but you can get a decent-sized tattoo on your inner thigh without experiencing too much pain.

4. Rib Cage

Ribs are painful to get a tattoo on, but you can hardly get any ink on this area without the skin splitting open. But if your ribs are tough enough to take a few hits, you can have just about any tattoo here.

6. Lower Back

– The lower back is in the middle of your pain threshold.

– You don’t experience much pain from the ribs, but you will feel some from the butt cheeks.

– Also, if you have a tattoo on your lower back, you’ll be able to show it off to everyone who sees your stomach.

How to Decrease the Pain of Getting a Tattoo?

Think about what you wantStay calm and remember to breatheKeep the area clean and wash your hands often. (You can also use lotion or hand sanitizer.)
Go over possible designs with a trusted friend or family memberListen to calming music while getting the tattooBe careful when touching the area, especially when putting on clothes or rubbing the skin around it, as this may aggravate it and slow down healing time.
Settle your design and find the artist who will tattoo you.Keep the area free of sweat (body, hands, etc.) and avoid shaking hands with others.Keep the tattoo out of the sun.
Make sure you do the tattoo in a reputable establishment, preferably by an expert artist, and not at some cheap hole-in-the-wall shop or supermarket counter area.

They have no experience or have little equipment without sterilization procedures to avoid getting an infection while healing up from the procedure.
Make sure you thoroughly clean everything.Use an antibacterial lotion to keep the area clean and healthy.

It’s also a good idea to avoid certain soap brands, including Dial and Irish Spring, as they have ingredients that can cause skin irritation.
Remember to avoid unnecessary and risky touching. (Thumbs, fingers, etc.)Don’t touch the area.Keep off of your feet for 24 hours. This is especially important if you have a larger area to cover, like a full arm or leg piece.
PrepareAvoid direct sunlightAvoid direct sunlight for the first five days following your tattooing, and use sunscreen daily.

How to Ensure You’re Prepared for a Tattoo on Your Balls

1. Prepare

Avoid the temptation to get tattooed while you’re drunk at a party. Feeling too buzzed or not sober enough can be painful, of course, and could lead to regretting your decision later.

If you’re going to inebriate before getting a ball, it’s best to do so after your tattoo session.

2. Plan

Speaking of planning, be sure to do so in connection with your tattoo artist. When it comes to your tattoo layout, sketching the design ahead of time can be helpful for you and your tattoo artist.

Gather inspiration from various sources if you still need a solid idea about what design you want on your balls. It’s also important to set aside enough time for this job.

Most tattoo artists often require between one and three hours to tattoo a full-body piece.

You should be aware, too, that the area on your body most affected by the tattoo might begin to swell or feel tender toward the time your appointment begins.

When you get in touch with your artist, make sure to ask whether or not they can accommodate this situation in terms of scheduling and privacy.

3. Don’t Rush

When getting a tattoo, don’t be afraid to take your time. It’s a decision you should take your time with, after all;

In addition to the fact that the general idea of getting tattooed may have taken some time for you to get used to, making the design for your tattoo can be complex as well.

But if you’re going to get that ball, then it’s important to approach it properly.

4. Find a Good Place

Think carefully about where you’re going to get your tattoo. The balls are sensitive and vulnerable, so a professional and clean environment is crucial.

And if you see that the brand-new tattoo parlor you are considering isn’t quite so new or professional after all, walk away and find another place to get inked.

You’ll want to make sure that the environment is up-to-code, as well as sterile.


Tattoos on balls are a common look among men. If you like them, then go for them. Check the tattoo galleries on the internet for guidance and ensure that it’s done professionally.

And remember to have your doctor check out any tattoos before you get them done.


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