Can I Use Scented Lotions On My Tattoo?(Tips)

Why Do Tattoo Artists Apply Vaseline While Tattooing?

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Can I Use Scented Lotions On My Tattoo?

No! Most scented lotions are often manufactured with some chemicals which may be harmful to your tattoo. The contact on the skin may lead to further skincare related problems.

Since freshly done tattoos are wounds on the skin which need time to heal, using scented lotions with harmful ingredients may not only damage your tattoo.

Therefore, if your tattoo is still fresh and in the healing process.

You should consider avoiding the scented lotions as you may not be sure which one has what type of chemical and whether it could be harmful to your tattoo or skin.

You may only interfere with your daily life routine;

Including the types of skincare products you use and the kind of activities you are involved in when your tattoo is still fresh and is in the healing process.

However, once your tattoo has completely healed, nothing is barring you from resuming your routine.

You can go back to using your favorite lotions and skin care products without compromising the tattoo.

Furthermore, if you want your tattoo to last longer and significantly reduce the fading rate, you should often keep it moisturized and avoid exposing it to direct sunlight. 

What Are The Best Types Of Lotions To Use For My Tattoo?

If you recently had your tattoo done, you may be in a dilemma on which type of lotions you should use.

This may also be propelled by the fact that you may be wondering how you can prolong the life of your tattoo, thereby maintaining its appearance and glow.

Give yourself a break and breathe since selecting the right lotion out of the vast choice available is also relatively overwhelming.

Even to those who have been getting their tattoos done for some time now.

If you are not sure what lotions to use to maintain your tattoo, here are some choices you may want to consider acquiring;

Hustle Butter Deluxe; Hustle butter is an excellent choice of lotion to use for your tattoo. CLICK HERE to check current prices on Amazon Prime

An added advantage of this lotion is that you can also use it on a tattoo that is still in the healing process.

Therefore, if you are not sure whether your tattoo has adequately healed or not, then hustle butter will be a great choice to make.

Can I Use Any Type Of Lotion After My Tattoo Has Healed

For excellent results, you have to apply the lotion about three times a day.

Always ensure the skin area where the tattoo has been one is cleaned with recommended antibacterial soap before smoothing the lotion over it.

Aquaphor Healing ointment: Other than being unscented, Aquaphor healing ointment is also gentle, both to your tattoo and skin.

Due to its gentle nature and confirmed tattoo results, Aquaphor is also recommended by most tattoo artists for freshly done tattoos.

You can purchase one and use it from when your tattoo is fresh and afterward when it’s healing. Your tattoo maintenance and health will be sufficiently taken care of.

Aveeno Unscented Daily Moisturizing:  Aveeno lotion has been approved by both tattoo and skincare experts.

It’s unscented and most unlikely to contain any harmful ingredients or fragrance which may damage your tattoo.

If you are skeptical about scented lotions and want the best for your tattoo, you should consider using Aveeno.

Furthermore, you can use it for your entire body; thus, you may not need to budget for another type of lotion to use.

Just acquire Aveeno unscented daily moisturizing lotion, and you can avoid the hassle of focusing one type of lotion on the tattoo and another type on the rest of the body.

Lush Ultrabalm : If you don’t want to be carrying weighty lotions as you move around but still want to take care of your tattoo effectively, then you should consider going for lush ultrabalm.

It’s a product from Lush and is relatively light compared to other available tattoo care options.

Also, lush ultrabalm is unscented; therefore, you will not experience any unwanted irritating scents whenever you apply it to the tattoo.

It has proved its efficiency and is composed of three ingredients, including;

Protective candelilla wax, soothing rose wax, and hydrating jojoba oil, all of which are blended to provide you with ultimate results.

Lubriderm Daily Moisture Lotion; Most body moisturizers may be irritating at some point, and some may have to be applied over and over again to give the best outcome.

This may be seen as cumbersome by some people, and they may want to opt for better solutions.

I mean, the type of moisturizer you will only need to apply for one time and move on to other activities without worrying about second or third moisturization.

If you are one of the people who wouldn’t want to be interrupted to do their moisturizing, then perhaps you should consider acquiring Lubriderm daily moisture lotion.

You will only have to moisture once and proceed to your activities.  

EltaMD Lotion; This is a great choice of tattoo lotion for those who have relatively sensitive skin.

You may have your tattoo done but worried about the type of lotion to go for since your skin reacts to most lotions. Worry no more about it as the EltaMD lotion is ideal for such skins.

The lotion is not only gentle on the tattooed area but can also be a great choice for the rest of your body, considering you have sensitive skin.

Gentle and smooth for ultimate tattoo maintenance, especially on sensitive skin.

After Inked Tattoo Moisturizer and Aftercare Lotion; This lotion is often recommended by tattoo artists as it is mainly manufactured for tattoo care and maintenance purposes.

Therefore, you shouldn’t be surprised by the number of reviews it has on platforms. The result gives on tattoo maintenance, and care is top-notch.

Also, you should note that you can use After Inked Tattoo Moisturizer and Aftercare Lotion from the time your tattoo is freshly done, through the healing process, and after it has healed.

You, therefore, do not have to budget for new tattoo maintenance lotions at every stage of the healing process.

Kopari Coconut MeltYou ever wondered why coconut oil is often recommended for tattoo care, especially for freshly done tattoos that are yet to begin the healing process?

Well, coconut oils are extremely gentle on the skin as they contain large amounts of vitamins and acids, which are favorable for skin maintenance and care.

These two coconut oil ingredients make Kopari Coconut Melt oil(Amazon Link) ideal for moisturizing your tattoo and keeping it healthy as it heals.

You can continue using it on the tattoo later on when it has already healed and also later on.

If you would prefer to use it on the rest of your body, it’s okay. Works best both ways.

Cannuka Nourishing Body Cream; Due to its CBD content, Cannuka Nourishing Body Cream is ideal for use if your skin is puffy or swollen.

The other content included in this cream is the manuka, honey. It contains anti-inflammatory properties. Oh, did I say it’s also antibacterial? Yes, it is.

Therefore, if you have gotten your tattoo done and your skin is prone to these conditions, then the Cannuka cream is the best choice of skincare to go for.

Don’t shy away from getting tattoos if you want some since your skin may swell in the process; there is an efficient remedy.

Eucerin Daily Hydration Lotion; One way of maintaining your tattoo is by keeping it away from direct sunlight when it is in the healing stage.

However, you may be wondering that since the tattoo has healed, what next? What further maintenance procedures should I follow?

Well, acquire a body moisturizer with some SPF content in it, and that is where Eucerin Daily hydration Lotion(Amazon Link) comes in.

Just ideal for what you need; it is also fragrance-free and gentle on your skin.

Furthermore, the chemicals can lead to scab formation on the tattooed area, and when the scab falls off, the tattoo may fade prematurely.

However, if your tattoo has completely healed and you are sure the healing has been done adequately.

Then you may use the scented lotions on the tattoo and all over the body, as the damage likely to be done on your tattoo will be minimal to zero.

My Tattoo Is Scabbing : How Often Should I Moisturize It?

Scabbing tattoos may cause a worry or two, especially when the tattoo begins to look dry.

However, there is no need to panic as most of the time; it’s typical for the tattoo to seem this way in the healing process.

When you notice our tattoo is scabbing, you should not change your moisturizing schedule.

It’s advised that you continue with your daily tattoo moisturizing process by making alterations.

But, if your tattoo scabs become too much that you notice signs of cracking, then you should clean it then dry it using paper towels.

Always avoid using your towel, as by doing so, you will be significantly increasing the risk of the tattoo getting infected. 

Once the tattoo has been paper-dried, leave it for about 10 to 15 minutes before applying lotion.

Scabbing can cause worries, but you should not change your moisturization pattern immediately you notice it.

Just maintain the care routine, and the scabbing stage will pass soon, thus giving your tattoo a look you desire and have been hoping for.

What Other Method Can I Consider?

Sometimes you may be skeptical about using lotions on your tattoo, mostly if it’s freshly done.

You may be worried that by using lotions, the tattoo may be damaged, or the skin may get infected in worse case scenarios.

The worry may worsen if you are not aware of the types of lotions you should consider using to moisturize your tattoo as it heals.

Well, perhaps you may contemplate using a dry healing method to take care of your tattoo.

What is dry healing?

Dry healing is a tattoo healing procedure where instead of using lotions and other types of ointments in the process of healing, the tattoo is left to dry out on its own.

The procedure is mostly preferred for those with underlying skin conditions, which may require them to keep off body lotions and related body ointments.

This tattoo healing procedure may be as efficient as others as long as it’s done adequately. 

What Is The Benefit Of Using The Dry Healing Method As A Tattoo Maintenance Procedure?

For starters, the primary reason is that your tattoo chance of infection or damage to the tattoo is eliminated.

You do not have to worry about getting chemical reactions on your skin, especially on the part which has been tattooed on. 

What Are The Downsides Of Using Dry Healing As A Tattoo Healing Procedure?

When left not moisturized, the tattoo may end up drying, making you feel like you are rubbing it or picking.

Using moisturizers often increases the state of your tattoo and its glow, which may not be the case with dry healing tattoos. 

When your tattoo is rubbed continuously, picked, or touched in the same manner, it may not heal properly.

Some spots within the same tattoo may end up being brighter and looking better than others. In other words, the tattoo may end up healing unevenly.

The next potential downside is cracking. At some point, they dry and tighten up. This may, in turn, probably increase the risk of skin cracking which will also damage your tattoo.

What Other Tattoo Aftercare Methods Can I Use On My Tattoo

First, avoid covering your tattoo after taking the bandage off; Usually, after the tattoo has been done, the tattoo artist covers it with surgical bandages to shield it from possible external infection.

Once this bandage is taken off, you should not cover it again. By so doing, you risk causing infection to the tattoo. Furthermore, you may probably be decelerating the healing process.

Secondly, you should not touch your tattoo every time. Touching your tattoo every time increases the risk of causing an infection.

The done tattoo is a healing wound, and if you constantly touch it, you can infect it. Always ensure your hands are adequately washed with antibacterial soap before touching them.

The next way to care for your tattoo is to avoid exposing it to sunlight.

Direct exposure of the tattoo to sunlight interferes with the healing process and also increases the chances of premature fading.

Often ensure your clothing is long enough to cover your tattoo. The recommended clothing is breathable cotton, for that matter.

Avoid picking scabs. As your tattoo heals, scabs are bound to form.

If you constantly pick your scabs, then you may be unconsciously interfering with your tattoo healing process; since more will form in due course.

Also, apart from jeopardizing the healing process, your tattoo may end up healing in a way that you did not expect, mostly on the negative side.

Avoid water contact. For as long as your tattoo is still fresh, avoid exposure to water, that is, immersing the tattoo in water.

This should be strictly followed, especially for two weeks after the tattoo is done.

How Long Should I Wait To Use Any Type Of Lotion After Getting My Tattoos?

If you want to use any type of lotion after getting your tattoo, then you should keep in mind whether the tattoo has adequately healed or not.

If your tattoo is still in the healing process, you may consider being picky on the type of lotions you use.

Especially those you use to keep it moisturized, to avoid any chances of infections likely to result from them.

When you have confirmed that the tattoo has completely healed.

Then you can proceed and use any kind of lotion of your preference as there will be no damage whatsoever caused to the tattoo by using them.

You should note that freshly done tattoos are treated as healing wounds on the skin and so should be cared for cautiously as one.

So, if you want to use any type of lotion, then you should consider waiting for as long as the tattoo takes to heal.

Can I Use Lotion On My New Tattoo?

Using lotion on a new tattoo is one of the best ways to keep the tattoo moisturized as it heals.

However, you should pay keen attention to the type of lotion you want to use. Some lotions and other ointments may not be suitable to use on fresh tattoos;

They may contain chemicals and other ingredients likely to cause infection to the skin or slow down the healing process.

Therefore, if you want to use lotion on your new tattoo, which may be freshly done for that matter,

Then you should consider acquiring some of the lotions we had listed above, or better still, inquire on the recommended types of lotion from your tattoo artist.

Should I Put Lotion On My Tattoo If It Starts Peeling Off?

If you notice your tattoo peeling off, more so at the early stages of the healing process, then probably the moisturization is not adequate.

However, when the peeling is happening towards the end of the healing process, then that was bound to happen as it’s part of the process.

You should not give it much thought and continue applying lotion on it as usual without any changes.

Applying lotion on the tattoo plays a crucial moisturization part in the healing and maintenance of your tattoo.

Can I Use Any Type of Lotion After My Tattoo Has Healed?

Yes, once your tattoo has healed and you are sure about it, then you should resume your normal lifestyle and use any type of lotion you want.

Your healed tattoo will not be affected in any way by the types of lotions you choose to use.

However, if your tattoo has not yet healed, or you are not sure whether it has adequately healed or not.

Then you should avoid using just any type of lotions and opt for the recommended ones.


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