Can Anyone Buy A Tattoo Machine?

Can Anyone Buy A Tattoo Machine?

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Can Anyone Buy A Tattoo Machine?

With the increasing popularity of tattooing, many people are continually wondering how to acquire their tattoo machines.

The popular question in the tattoo industry is turning out to be; can anyone buy a tattoo machine?

Yes. Anyone can buy a tattoo machine. you can choose any of the two major categories, namely, coil tattoo machines and rotary tattoo machines. The best quality will consist of brass, iron, and copper materials.

However, not just anybody will simply buy a tattoo machine and then perform permanent make-up either on themselves or on other people.

Several states want regulations when it comes to permanent make-up. Indeed, as long as you have a PayPal account, you can actually buy a starter kit from any online store.

Certainly, this is the genesis of the problem.

Having a tattoo on your shoulder, hands, chest, or back is becoming more and more fashionable . The desired tattoo is designed by tattoo artists by use of tattoo machines.

There is much diversity of such designs as they entirely depend on the creativity of such artists. To design a good tattoo, the designer must have a good coil tattoo machine.  

The expert needs to have the best coil tattoo machine to design the tattoo. People who want a tattoo on their body need to go to a tattoo parlor for their desired tattoo.

They have to discuss the idea about the type of tattoo which they want on their body.

Can I Safely Choose The Best Tattoo Machine?

Yes! It’s not hard to choose the best tattoo machine. When it comes to selecting a tattoo machine, there is scarcely any other decision that is that important to tattoo artists.

With the incorrect choice, you fail just as much as you succeed with the correct choice. The creation of quality tattoos is dependent on the proper selection of a quality tattoo machine.

Can Anyone Buy A Tattoo Machine?

As you create quality tattoos, your reputation will gradually build as a well-reputed tattoo artist. There is no end to the diversity and sizes of tattoo machines.

Some are heavy; others are light, while others can be considered borderline in terms of weight.

Since weight is an important factor in handling a tattoo machine, it’s advisable to buy a machine that has the proper weight.

Purchasing a heavy machine will limit you as to many tattoos you can handle in a day.

A machine with a comfortable weight will help you take your business to the next level with quality and efficiency, reducing hand and arm soreness.

In looking for the best tattoo machine to buy, a tattoo artist also needs to evaluate the brand and the quality of the tattoo machine.

The best quality tattoo machines consist of brass, iron, and copper.

Although these may be highly-priced compared to other tattoo machines, no time price will take the place of price.

The use of an inferior tattoo machine will often break while in usage, and this will put the health of the client you are handling at that time at risk.

The type of work you will be performing on the customers is another thing you need to consider as you purchase a tattoo machine.

When handling shading and lining, different tattoo artists make use of different machines with customized settings.

What Tattoo Machines Can I Choose From?

Several tattoo machines are available for a tattoo artist.

As a tattoo artist, you can choose any tattoo machine from either of the two major categories of tattoo machines, namely, coil tattoo machines and rotary tattoo machines.

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In normal circumstances, many people will, by default, think of coil tattoo machines as they set their foot inside a tattoo parlor.

These machines run on electromagnetic current, moving the armature bar upwards and downwards manner, just like a hammer moves.

On the contrary, rotary machines rely on motors when moving the needle, a process that happens in a much smoother manner.

There is an advantage of rotary machines(Amazon Link) over the coil machines in that a rotary machine can be used for both shading and lining.

On the other hand, different coil machines will have to be used for these two different tasks.

In terms of weight, rotary tattoo machines are much lighter as compared to their counterparts, coil tattoo machines which are comparatively heavier.

Due to the hammer-like armature, coil machines produce a loud buzzing noise.

This silence as the rotary machines operate interpreted by many as to cause the machine to be less traumatizing while inking.

More pain and trauma are associated with coil tattoo machines than rotary tattoo machines.

A responsible tattoo artist will know that tattoo machines can break down.

They know that once these machines break down, they will require to be repaired, and particular parts break down more often than others.

Consequently, they will have in stock those parts that break down more often to never waste much of a customer’s time when the machine breakdown.

They constantly change the needles with any customer.

For the non-disposable parts, good tattoo artists have a sterilizer that they use to have their non-disposable parts sterilized.

Since you are a professional tattoo artist, you should have several parts available, like needles, spare armature bars, coils, and binding screws.

When these are available, your session need not stop due to a breakdown.

Are There Any Considerations I Should Make When Buying A Tattoo Machine?

Yes. Several considerations are needful for you to make before you settle for any particular tattoo machine.

If you are interested in opening up a tattoo parlor or studio or there is a need to expand your tattoo business, then you must have got reliable equipment that is also of high quality.

Amazing results in the tattooing industry are only delivered by well-equipped tattoo artists.

This is what makes such artists maintain their customers and add more customers to their existing customer niche.  

The tattoo machine happens to be the number one thing that you will need to look at if you are in this business as a serious investor.

As we have already insinuated, rotary and coil tattoo machines come with their particular pros and cons.

Additionally, there are different power requirements and maintenance needs for the different types of machines.

Since businesses have different needs, it’s essential that you compare the different types of machines with their peculiar pros and then decide what suits your business best.

After you make this important decision, go ahead and look for any other factor that you consider important regarding the device;

And then settle for the machine that meets your requirements.  

Can I Buy Second Hand Tattoo Machines?

Yes! It’s possible to buy second-hand tattoo machines. You will, however, need to be extra careful in this area since it’s riskier than when buying a new tattoo machine.

First, you will want to consider the condition of the tattoo machine if you are purchasing a second-hand machine.

Second-hand tattoo machines are good saving avenues to give you much money in your pockets, but you need to be extra careful if you decide to go this way.

It will scarcely give you any peace to buy a tattoo machine only to break down a few months after buying it cheaply.

This results from buying a tattoo machine that has worn out or damaged parts.

The machines in good condition will serve for a longer time, and they are also considered safe for the client.

If it’s possible, you should carefully examine the machine before you commit to buying it.

On the other hand, if you want to buy it from online platforms, it’s essential to look at detailed previews of the photos in a careful manner in the instance that the machine is used.

Can Anyone Buy A Tattoo Machine?

Most of the time, buying a brand new tattoo machine is better than the hassle you have to go through to authenticate old and used machines. 

Buying brand new tattoo machines assures you of uncompromised quality as well as exceptional condition.

The other thing you want to consider is the cost. Although used models are always much cheaper and you will save a lot of money in the long run.

You have better chances of enjoying superior quality with new tattoo machines with a few more coins.

Due to their construction and features, the models in the market are differently priced.

What you need to do while choosing your preferred tattoo machine is to ensure that you go for the one that fits your budget and tattooing needs.

Another thing to consider is the ink. For a tattoo machine to be considered good, it needs to hold a significantly large amount of ink.

With a large amount of ink, you will comfortably work on your design without needing to refill in the middle of the work.

A smooth-running inking is better than an inking that is disturbed several times to refill.

It’s needful to understand that some tattoos will require a lot of ink due to their size, and it is a nuisance if you have to refill in the middle.

Another thing to consider when buying a second-hand tattoo machine is the size. The size goes a long way in determining how light or heavy a tattoo machine is.

There are small tattoo machines and light. Since these are manageable, it is important to consider how weight can interfere with your performance in the parlor.  

How Do I Clean My Tattoo Machine?

After you complete your tattooing, cleaning is an important task that must be done as soon as you finish with each client.

In addition to maintaining the beauty of your tattoo machine, cleaning a tattoo machine will go a long way in sterilizing it and preventing infections and diseases.

In tattoo sterilization, the most common factor will be the tool.

Ultrasonic cleaners and autoclaves are the most commonly used tools in sterilizing tattoo machines.

Before any attempt to sterilize a tattoo machine, tubes and needles need to be cleaned first. These need to be cleaned daily or after each use.

The ultrasonic cleaner is considered the easiest tool to clean a tattoo machine before you finally sterilize it.

Ultrasonic cleans all ink that remains, with no risk to react with the machine.

Although ultrasonic cleaners clean many forms of bacteria like Staphylococcus and Escherichia coli, it has no power or effect on all.

Consequently, you will need to rely on the autoclave sterilizer since this is the only professional tool for tattoo sterilization.

When sterilizing, it’s best first to remove the tip, the grip of the machine, and the tube.

Unscrewing the parts will definitely differ according to the make or brand of specific tattoo machines.

You will need to wash the machine parts using warm water and anti-bacterial soap, and warm water.

To do this, use the ultrasonic jewelry cleaner’s tank and pour about 500ml of water.

After this, put the grips, tips, and tubes and in the tank. This should be followed by turning on the digital ultrasonic cleaner with a set time.

Can Anyone Buy A Tattoo Machine?

The machine pieces should be taken out after about 10 minutes. They then need to be rinsed dry in a natural way. To save time, it will be necessary to use a special mull.


Buying of tattoo machines is not regulated in many states. This poses a problem since anyone can buy a tattoo machine, regardless of whether they are trained or not.

This has seen many in the tattooing industry as artisans who practice on-the-job training.

The best tattoo artists know how to maintaining their tools to prevent infections from passing from one client to another.

They clean their tools and sterilize them before using them on the next client.


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