Are Tattoo Consultations Free?

Are Tattoo Consultations Free?

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Are Tattoo Consultations Free?

Tattoo consultation is an important and often overlooked part of getting a tattoo. Your tattoo artist should be able to walk you through everything you should know before starting your tattoo.

This includes the risks of getting inked, potential allergic reactions to the pigments in the ink and how to avoid them, aftercare instructions for healing your new body art, as well as what you can expect from the experience.

It depends on the tattoo parlor or artist, but more often than not, a consultation with a tattoo parlor or artist for a potential new tattoo is free. After all, some artists may want to know how your body will look before deciding whether they’ll take your business. If a tattoo artist suggests recreating a tattoo, they may also charge a fee.

At other establishments, such as tattoo salons, some artists may charge an initial consultation fee, then a set amount for completing the procedure – or a flat rate for small tattoos.

However, it’s always wise to call the tattoo parlor first and ask whether a consultation is free or you will be charged.

Where can I get information on a Tattoo artist’s Experience?

If you’re planning on getting a tattoo from an artist, you may want to check their experience as well.

The National Association of Professional Tattoo Artists provides this information online at their website, where you’ll also find information about how to become certified through the organization.

What is the cost of a Tattoo?

While many artists charge a set fee while completing your tattoo, it can vary by place. A consultation with a tattoo artist will generally range from $20 – $50.

If an artist decides to ink you with their artwork and design, this may be more expensive than simply going to another establishment with a similar service.

For a small tattoo, it’s not uncommon for an artist to charge around $20 – $25.

A visit to a tattoo parlor with six or more artists working there may cost anywhere from $50-$100, while a job done by one tattooist may run anywhere from $50-$150.

What Is a Tattoo Consultation?

A tattoo consultation is a meeting between you and the artist to discuss your desired tattoo and how it will be rendered.

Getting a tattoo used to be impulsive, but these days, many people are moving forward with their plans for a new piece. That’s why you should consider going for a tattoo consultation.

Are Tattoo Consultations Free?

The experienced artist can help you decide if your artwork will inspire you for a long time or if you should take a step back and reconsider.

The artist can also help you understand the finished product better and tell you which colors work well together, which fonts work best, and how to create the best look.

A tattoo consultation typically lasts 30 minutes to an hour. During this time, your artist will ask you how he can improve your piece.

They will talk about the design and concepts behind it and explain any additional details you need to know.

You should be able to answer all of the artist’s questions, which should help them decide whether you are a good candidate for the design.

Getting a tattoo is a momentous decision, and it’s important that you are happy with your result. A consultation can help you decide whether the design is right for you.

There are different types of consultations that you can attend, including:

  • Tattoo Parlor Consultation.
  • Private Consultation.
  • Online Consultation.
  • Tattoo Studio Visit.

How Do I Prepare for A Tattoo Consultation?

Research-Tattoo styles
– Tattoo parlors
– Tattoo artist
– Treatment
– Reactions
Gather Inspiration-Tattoos you like
– Tattoos you don’t like
– Tattoo colors you like
Prepare Questions for the Consultation:-What would be the best tattoo style/design for me? 
– What is your experience with this type of design process?
– How much time will it take to complete?
Choose an Artist-Ask around for referrals.
– Check out the portfolio.
– Ask for a price quote.
– Ask about their experience with that particular design.
Book an Appointment-Give the artist a call.
– Ask if they take walk-ins.
– Ask if they can fit you into their schedule.
Arrive at the Consultation point with everything that you need to complete the design process-A pen and paper (a sketchpad or a notebook)
– Water bottle (if it’s hot outside, something to keep your hands warm)

– A discreet camera to capture evidence of your tattoo for future reference.
– Tattoo aftercare products (such as Calendula, Arnica, etc.)

– A (clean and dry) skin area to be tattooed.
– Sleeves to wear under your clothes so the design has no exposed skin.

How Do You Message A Tattoo Consultation?

1. Introduce Yourself

Introduce yourself with your name, age, and contact information. Mention your questions and whether or not you’re willing to pay for a consultation.

2. Describe your Tattoo in detail

If the person can view your tattoo on the app, describe what it looks and means to you!

3. Ask for a Consultation Time

Here’s where you’ll have to stress that you are serious about coming to see them if they book a time for you.

4. Thank Them

End your message with a thank you and mention that they’re amazing.

5. Close the Conversation

Say goodbye and ask if you can message them later if you have any other questions.

6. Send a Follow-up Message

If they don’t get back to you or book a time, send another message describing how great it was to connect with them! 

7. Send Gratitude

If they book a consultation with you, send them a message thanking them again for their time and services. This can be done before or after the tattoo appointment.

8. Give them a Good Review

After you get your tattoo, download the app and rate your experience with that artist 5 stars! They will see how much you appreciate their work and will want to do more amazing work for you in the future.

What Do I Bring To My First Tattoo Appointment?

Cash, Check, Credit card and Cashier’s check.
IDYour driver’s license
-Birth certificate
Design Reference-Photos
-Sugar-free gummy bears
Appointment ConfirmationPrinted copy

What Happens During the Session?

1. Consultation

The tattoo artist or piercer will take the time to consider your needs and answer any questions. They will also give you a clear idea of what they can offer.

2. Preparation

Before the tattoo session, you may need to wash and exfoliate your skin or remove any grease or sweat with an antiseptic solution. You may also need to remove piercings and contact lenses before the session.

3. Tattooing and Piercing

The tattoo artists start with the outline of your design and resist the skin with a stencil.

This protects other parts of your body, which might also boast sensitivity to the tattoo needle, and prevents you from flinching during the session.

Are There Tattoos That Last For Six Months?

The piercer will do likewise when inserting any ear plugs or other piercing, ensuring that you feel no pain.

4. Aftercare

Aftercare is extremely important for tattoos and piercings. The artist will recommend how to care for your skin by applying a moisturizing cream. This will help your tattoo heal more quickly.

Piercing care includes disinfectant solutions, warm sea salt soaks, and gentle washing techniques to prevent infections.

Can You Get a Tattoo Without a Consultation?

Yes! While getting a tattoo without consultation is technically possible, I do not recommend it. A consultation with a tattoo artist is an important step in getting a tattoo, as it allows you to discuss your ideas, concerns, and expectations with the artist.

During a consultation, the artist will discuss the tattoo’s design, placement, size, and other aspects with you. They may also ask about your: 

  • Medical history.
  • Skin type.
  • Any allergies you may have to ensure that the tattoo is safe for you.

With a consultation, you can effectively communicate your ideas to the artist, resulting in a tattoo you did not want or expect.

Additionally, the artist may only be able to assess whether the tattoo is suitable for your skin type or placement with a consultation.

In addition, you will not discuss your skincare routine or any issues that may affect the tattoo’s appearance post-application.

In addition, if you have a specific artist in mind, you should ask for a consultation with them.

If you do not request a consultation before getting the tattoo, the tattoo artist may not know you want to work with them. This can result in you getting the tattoo from someone not an ideal fit for your style and preferences.

What Do You Say When Booking A Tattoo?

When booking a tattoo, providing as much information as possible ensures the artist can create a design that meets your expectations.

Here are some things to mention or ask when booking a tattoo:

1. Cost

Is there a deposit required? A set price per hour? These are questions to ask at the start of the conversation. Don’t be afraid to negotiate – this is a service, and you should expect to pay for your tattoo.

2. Location

You must be comfortable in the studio environment, as this will affect your experience from start to finish. Before setting up an appointment, ask to see pictures of work done at the studio and check out their website or portfolio.

3. Artist & Tattooed

Are you experienced or willing to do your research? There are endless designs and styles to choose from, and as a tattoo artist, much information needs to be conveyed in just one tattoo.

4. Aftercare & Healing

Taking care of your new tattoo at home is important, so you’ll want to discuss aftercare techniques with your artist before the first session. It’s also helpful to ask questions about how permanent it is.

For example, Will it fade over time and how you should take care of it at home.

5. Tattoo Design

What are your other ideas for the tattoo? What will you work with (human skin and cloth)? Let your artist know if you want a specific tattoo idea for a band t-shirt or project.

What Questions To Ask Before Getting A Tattoo?

 Before you get a tattoo, it’s important to ask yourself the following questions:

1. Is getting a tattoo really what I want in life?

2. How will my new tattoo affect my daily routine?

3. What does my future look like if I get a tattoo now?

4. Will the tattoo be significantly better than I already have or at least as good as the one on this list of the best tattoos of all time?

5. Will I regret getting a tattoo someday?

6. Can I afford this tattoo?

7. How am I going to pay for this tattoo?

8. Has anyone ever gotten a tattoo due to being drunk and regretting it the next day?

9. Is my life on track right now, or do I need to make changes first?

10. Is there even anything wrong with not having a tattoo in the first place?

11. Will I be judged by others if I have no tattoos on my body?

What Not To Ask A Tattoo Artist?

Can you reduce the priceMay come off as insulting or disrespectful
Do you do Pokémon tattoos?Most likely, they’ll say no, and they’ll move on
What are your hours?Tattoo artists usually work late at night, early in the morning, or on weekends
Can you copy this exact design?They’ll consider this rude and will say no, Tattoo artists have their designs
Can you tattoo over my ex’s name?Tattoo artists prefer not to perpetuate regret or bad memories
Can you give me a tattoo that will glow in the dark?Glow-in-the-dark tattoos are not safe or regulated.

How Do You Ask An Artist To Get Their Work Tattooed?

If you’re interested in getting an artist’s work tattooed, the best way to approach them is to be polite and respectful. 

1. Do your Research: Before approaching an artist, make sure you are familiar with their style and work. Look through their portfolio or social media accounts to find a piece of art you like.

Make sure it is the style of tattoo you want to get and not a sample or one-off piece. You want a good idea of what your artist can do and their prices.

2. Be Honest: Don’t hide your intentions, but don’t lie either. If you are looking for a portrait piece, don’t say you’d like something “pretty” or “small.”

Discuss what kind of tattoo you want and be willing to pay for the artist’s time and work.

3. Be Respectful: Don’t email or call an artist at 3 am their time, don’t demand a specific price or negotiate terms, or send a million emails asking if they are still tattooing.

When you are interested in an artist, give them respect by being polite and courteous.

4. Be Prepared: Do your research and make your intentions clear, but be prepared to pay what you are willing to pay. The artist can only tattoo your design once they know what you will pay.

5. Know what you want: You’re not a child, so don’t ask for or expect a design your mother made or something you’ve seen on Pinterest. Explain what kind of tattoo you want, and clarify its meaning.


Tattoo consultations are an important part of the tattoo experience. Whether it’s the first time you’re getting a tattoo or something you’ve been meaning to get for a while.

Making sure it looks good and is done right is the number one priority. You want to ensure your artist knows what you want and gets everything right.


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