Are Cabin Crew Tattoos Allowed?(Solved)

Are Cabin Crew Tattoos Allowed?

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Are Cabin Crew Tattoos Allowed?

Most Airline’s companies don’t allow any visible tattoos or distinctive marks(Scars, birthmarks, tattoos) on their cabin crew while on duty and on uniform. Cabin crew’s uniform are normally skirts(Knee length) and short sleeved shirts, any visible mark on sight including tattoo is forbidden.

The first thing you need to do is make sure that it will be of a decent size.

Of course, people get larger tattoos as well, but when you are on the plane, because of the tight clothing, a larger tattoo might not be ideal- or in your case, because it might not be visible.

No bright colors. This might seem obvious, but it’s one of the most important things you must consider.

Airline company policies are so strict regarding the dress code and appearance of the cabin crew. No crazy or bright colors such as pink, orange or yellow.

You could get away with some designs that hint at color, but the main color can be a no-go area. Unless, of course, you have a nice and tasteful tattoo.

Make sure that it has nothing notable about the skin. Only get it done if it has a national flag or something like that.

Because the tattoo will be on your upper leg, it would mean that you would have to wear shorts for an extended period, and they might even question you about why you chose that place for your tattoo.

Are Cabin Crew Tattoos Allowed?

They would also frown upon something about a naked girl or something like that.

No teddy bears or other cartoon figures. For example, if you draw a teddy bear on your leg and add some cute message to it (you know what I mean), this might be inappropriate for the cabin crew.

No religious statues or symbols. They don’t permit tattoos of stars and hearts, in any case.

Christian symbols would be okay because there is no such thing as a cabin crew policy prohibiting Christians from tattooing their bodies.

Still, things like crosses could be problematic, depending on their location

Why Are Tattoos Not Allowed in The Cabin Crew?

Tattoos have been around for a long time, but obtaining permanent ink on the body has steadily gained popularity since tattoo artists started creating some of the most creative art in history.

Nowadays, nearly everyone is familiar with tattoos and their associated meanings. But, the main reasons are:

1. Tattoos Can Have Associations with Gang Membership

2. Tattoos may make passengers feel less safe because a person’s face is not always visible from within the aircraft cabin (via air vent), which makes it difficult for security personnel to check for a tattoo.

3. Most people confuse tattoos with facial piercings, and thus the ban serves to avoid confusion among passengers in case of an emergency evacuation of an aircraft on the flight

4. The Department of Transport has ruled that “the wearing of tattoos at work is a breach of the Health and Safety at Work Act.

Using dangerous industrial equipment, knives or sharp objects is also a health and safety risk and thus could cause dismissal.”

5. In the unlikely event that a passenger gets involved in an emergency evacuation, their facial tattoo may be mistaken for a facial piercing and embarrass the crew by drawing unnecessary attention.

6. Tattoos can be painful and distracting, especially while serving food and drinks to passengers.

7. Some customers consider tattoos “unprofessional” since they can associate them with poor role modeling and low social status.

8. Tattoo removal is costly and often incomplete after prolonged periods. Skin preservation is preferable to a tattooed work environment.

Why Can’t You Have Tattoos as A Flight Attendant?

Unprofessional -Having a tattoo is a personal choice that some people make to express themselves, but this can be unprofessional when working with the public in a service-oriented job.

Some customers and opponents of your company might also construe tattoos as unhygienic.

Potential for Tattoos to Get Infected

Tattoos are more likely to get infections because of their location on an employee’s body.

While most infections are not life-threatening, they are a major concern to employers who want to ensure their employees are healthy and not contagious.

Tattoos Can Affect Your Appearance

A tattoo can be on an employee’s face, which could confuse and distract customers. Customers might not understand why you have many tattoos.

Your Tattoo Might Be Offensive to Others

Tattoo types, such as skulls and flames, can be full of offensive art. Some people dress up in piercings and other body adornments.

Unimpressed Customers Can Be Offensive to You

The lack of interest in your tattoos means that you have a job that most people don’t have an interest in doing, which could lead to negative word of mouth by your customers when they leave the store.

What Airline Allows Tattoos?

American AirlinesAmerican Airlines allows coverable tattoos. Tattoos that are not coverable need inspection during airport security checks.
Delta AirlinesDelta Airlines has no limit on tattoos, but passengers must cover their skin for safety reasons.

If you have tattoos you cannot conceal, the tattoo may need screening from the metal detector’s line of sight and require additional screening by an officer.
Virgin AtlanticTattoos are acceptable and are not an item of baggage for checking in; however, you must cover them with a temporary tattoo sticker during security screening.
SouthwestSouthwest airlines allow tattoos, but they must be within the guidelines of good taste, and you must cover all tattoos.
EasyJetTattoos are acceptable, but a temporary tattoo sticker must cover them. No ink should be on the skin, including permanent tattoos and art.

Do Airlines Check for Tattoos?

Yes! Most major airlines check for tattoos because they boast a no-tattoo policy for their employees and passengers.

Some airlines don’t allow tattoos or ink that can be visible to both customers and employees.

For this reason, getting a tattoo after your next trip is good only if you have a tattoo close to the neckline or is visible when wearing short sleeves.

Depending on the type of tattoo (especially one with words), you may be subject to extra screening when arriving at airport security.

The attendants will be more on their guard, and you may find they have a little more suspicion when they see the tattoo.

Passengers will usually need to remove shirts or jackets and pass through the x-ray machines.

These machines are very sensitive, so if you have a tattoo that is small or not easily seen on a standard x-ray, then it might just get missed.

However, if you pass through the machine and it sounds like an alarm, you must explain it to the attendant.

If your tattoo triggers the station attendant, you can expect a pat down or extra screening of your body and belongings.

Flight Attendant Tattoo Policy

No visible tattoo if you’re wearing a uniform that includes a collared shirt (i.e., jackets, sweaters, vests)You cannot see tattoos above the collar, wrist, or elbow when the flight attendant wears a uniform that includes a collared shirt.
Modest clothing must cover tattoos (no see-through shirts)Tattoos may not be visible when the flight attendant wears clothing partially covering them. It must not be transparent or see-through.
Tattoos must be small enough to fit within the area, measuring 6” x 4″As shown below, tattoos may not take up more than 50% of the area measuring 6″ x 4″.
Tattoos must not conflict with the airline’s branding and image (i.e., offensive)The tattoo policy applies to all customers wearing a uniform, including those onboard and customer-facing staff (such as porters, cabin crew, and airport lounge staff).
Each time you work, you must clear your tattoos.Only Tattoos cleared by the local brand team will have approval, and you can wear them.

They also accept temporary tattoos if a licensed professional tattoo artist applies for them.  

If a customer does not have any other acceptable option, they will have to wait another week for the tattoo to heal before clearing it again.

What airline allows flight attendants to have tattoos?

1. United Airlines

United airlines allow flight attendants to have tattoos on their arms as long as they are not too large.

You can display tattoos on your neck, but they need to be smaller than the width of a dollar bill. The company also forbids visible tattoos anywhere else on the body or face.

2. Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic flight attendants may have visible tattoos as long as they are not visible when the flight attendants are wearing their uniform.

The airline also allows for non-visible tattoos on any part of the body. The company does not let visible tattoos on the face or head unless they’re small and located on the top of a flight attendant’s head.

3. Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines allows flight attendants with visible tattoos anywhere other than their neck, face, or head.

The airline requires that flight attendants have tattoos that are less than two inches in size, or they can choose to cover up their tattoos.

4. Etihad

The theme at Etihad is “Keep pushing the boundaries.” This means flight attendants with tattoos can have them visible on the arms and legs as long as they are not too large and are not visible in the uniform.

5. United Airlines (cont.)

United allows tattooed flight attendants to have visible tattoos as long as they are smaller than two inches in diameter and not larger than a dollar bill’s width.

Are Cabin Crew Tattoos Allowed?

The company also allows non-visible tattoos on any body part and does not restrict their size or placement.

Can Delta Flight Attendants Have Tattoos?

Per Delta’s Uniform and Appearance Guidelines, flight attendants should not have tattoos that boast visibility when they are in their uniform. This applies to tattoos on the neck, legs, face, hands, and lower arms.

The exception is for a tattoo placed on an arm covered by the long sleeve uniform shirt. This applies to flight attendants of all ages and experience levels with Delta.

The only acceptable option here is to cover the tattoo, which is possible by taping over it or wearing a medical bandage over it.

Flight attendants are free to have any other type of body art, but they can’t be visible in uniform. Delta flight attendants also have a dress code, including hair, nail length, and jewelry.

It is important to note that this dress code is Delta’s company policy. It applies to any flight attendant with the airlines, no matter which region they are with (North America, South America, Europe, etc.).

Delta Air Lines has a zero-tolerance policy regarding discrimination against passengers and employees. Therefore, fines or termination will result if these rules are broken.

Fines will vary depending on the offense but could range from $500 for a uniform violation to $1,300 for discrimination.

Any Delta employee who does not follow these rules is subject to disciplinary action and possible termination.

Can You Work for TSA With Tattoos?

Yes! Provided that you have covered your tattoos and are invisible to the public and not offensive, you can work for TSA as long as your tattoos do not significantly interfere with your ability to perform job functions.

Note that TSA does not permit employees to have visible tattoos that are:

  • Obscene
  • Profane
  • Depict any logo of a political party or group.

This includes brand logos with specific meanings, such as alcoholic beverages and cigarettes.

If you haven’t covered your tattoo while on duty as a TSA employee, you must immediately cover the tattoo with clothing or cosmetics unless you work in a job where the tattoo is part of the duties.

For example, a baggage screener at an airport who has tattoos visible on their hands and arms while they check baggage may not have to cover those tattoos while providing that service to the public.

Instead, they can cover the exposed areas of their hands and arms with gloves or other parts of uniforms.

The TSA is carefully enforcing this policy regarding employees who appear on social media sites or apply for positions at airports where they will be in contact with the public.

Are Permanent Tattoos Allowed in The Airport?

Yes! They permit tattoos in airports and travel to other countries as long as you cover them up.

If you are not wearing clothing that covers your tattoo, cover it with clothing or a bandage for admission permission into the airport.

You may not have permission to travel with your tattoo if it’s offensive or obscene. This means that you cannot travel with a tattoo that contains profanity, promotes the use of drugs, or is racist.

You should cover up tattoos that are offensive and inappropriate before traveling, or the wearer will not get entry into the airport.

If your tattoo is offensive or inappropriate, you may request to remove it before travel. Contact your doctor or the Department of Health if you need information on removing your tattoo.

The Immigration and Naturalization Service said that tattoos could be considered offensive or vulgar if they depict:

  • A person, animal, or thing of a sexual nature.
  • Violent characters, such as those that use profanity or incorporate misspelled words.
  • symbols, cartoons, or images.
  • Gang symbols, such as police force symbols or symbols connected with gangs.
  • Racial slurs.
  • Animals that have a special significance to the wearer (such as a symbol from an animal he has injured).
  • Offensive religious messages.


You can wear flight attendant tattoos as long as they are not visible in the uniform. You can choose to cover up your tattoos with clothing or a bandage. If you can’t cover your tattoo for whatever reason, consider removing it before traveling.


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